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Yulia Cera

Yulia Cera
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Shili

Mentor(s): Gabe Alkorda, Dixo Xan

Species: Togruta


Some would call Yulia snide and sarcastic. Both remarks would fit the bill. There is however more to Yulia than a swift tongue – Having had two masters in a short timespan Yulia has experienced more than most students – granting her insight in the harsh realities of life that most of her peers lack. As such Yulia is warm and caring when the situation calls for it. Yulia is currently undertaking many projects, worth mentioning is her study of plant surge, the ability to control and accelerate the growth of plants.


Yulia was born on the planet Shili in its capital city Corvala a huge city filled with Togruta, she had a older sister called Kelia which was training to be teacher at schools and her Father Ulian was a taxi driver maybe not the best job but he got enough money to keep the family well sheltered and safe, well for her Mother Vay’ra, whom was a trained force-sensitive teacher of several martial arts (led to believe that she also specialised in Teras Kasi) and got money for teaching and helping out with capturing criminals if needed, it is also said that her mother was once head of a small Togruta tribe, the family at the time was having troubles keeping themselves housed in order to keep the shelter they had, Kelia went onto teach and gave what money she had to keep the family.

When young Yulia was quite mischievous and naughty playing tricks on people and things that would annoy them and well when she got older, she went to school where she made friends good friends actually she enjoyed there company and they enjoyed hers, well at school she was ready to learn but she was shy most of the time and kept to herself if she wasn’t with her friends, though she did enjoy reading and hobbies like gardening and looking at bugs all of that sort.

Vay’ra was capable of many things, most of which was hidden to the family and students which she taught, Vay’ra while in deep meditations could have visions of places and see what is happening in the present, and if she delved strong enough she could reach out to the future. After many hours of meditating she invisioned her family being slaughtered in their home on Shili, skeptical and afraid of this vision, Vay’ra soon called the family to the dinne table and announced that they were going to Kashyyyk, being a respectable teacher of many different martial arts, she gained many friends, several being wookiees. They quickly left Shili, using several different freighters and ships to hide there route and travels which was successful. This affected Yulia as a child greatly, to suddenly lose all her friends on Shili without even seeing them again was a pain to her, she was alone. While Yulia did enjoy the company of her family, she also enjoyed company of friends and due to the departure, Yulia would enter solitude alot more than often and only knowing a few Shyriiwook words at the time of their arrival on Kashyyyk, it made it very difficult for herself to make friends.

After 3 years on Kashyyyk she had learned much from the Wookie’s culture and there people, she just loved them and befriended and was still getting taught by her mother about Martial Arts and her sister Kelia was helping her education, one of the Wookies she befriended was a female child (Wookie) who did everything together basically, Yulia father was off world trading and getting more money for the family but the Wookies supported them a lot. Kelia would move onto teach Yulia alot in Shyriiwook, it is possible to say that Yulia learnt and caught onto languages quickly, with this advantage, Yulia was able to make quite a few wookiee friends.

Vay’ra concerned for her daughter’s safety, taught her more on martials arts while Yulia wasn’t interested in such things, she continued to do so to make her mother proud as part of her routine training Yulia would often meditate. During meditation her mother hoped she would learn her abilities regarding sensing the force and predict things, if often worked well with Vay’ra as the Togruta montral already gave certain advantages regarding sensing, however things did not turn out for Yulia as she hoped, Vay’ra was rather impatient with training and decided to tone it down.

A Jedi Knight from Yavin Four, arrived on Kashyyyk and visited the particular settlement in which Yulia was staying in, her mother feeling the presence of the Knight did her best to make Yulia’s presence and her own known to the Jedi Knight, the Jedi Knight would soon approach the Cera home. Vay’ra would converse with the Jedi Knight, who would reveal himself as Xa’o Zalei. Master Zalei reason for travelling to Kashyyyk is uknown to Yulia but soon after the two (Vay’ra and Xa’o) stopped conversing, Xa’o asked Yulia multiple question regarding herself and the Order, the conclusion of this was that Yulia would be taken to the Yavin Four Praxeum and be taught in the Jedi ways, Yulia soon said her good-byes to her mother and family and would then enter a shuttle with Master Zalei which was enroute to Yavin Four.

  • Yulia was initiated on the Year 268.13
  • Yulia became Padawan Learner under Gabe Alkorda along with Lucius Vein in the year 269.16, she continues to train under Master Alkorda to this day with her Padawan brother Lucius Vein.
  • In the year 273.04 Yulia’s, Master Gabe Alkorda died becoming one with the force, upset and devastated by the event Yulia is now a Master-less Padawan.
  • Yulia left the Order for a cycle with haste, the death of her Master affected her more than she could comprehend and in doing so, she placed herself under the teachings of a old hermit, Edgetho. Believed to be said he was a former Jedi but there was no leads to him being so, after the cycle was over, Z’phos came to return Yulia back to the Temple, fearing she may be in danger or worse, fallen to the Dark side. In his attempt to rescue her, he was drained of energy by Edgetho and in return Yulia would resist his mind controlling abilities and leave the structure with Z’phos, as they left the structure crumbled with Edgetho inside. Edgetho is currently presumed dead. (Note: Under Edgetho, Yulia went under extreme Telepathic training)
  • After a long conflict between the Wookiees and Trandoshans, war breaks out which is followed by a series of battles on the planet Kashyyyk. Despite being told to break her attachments to her family, Yulia was still worried and with the aid of the newly Knighted Simus Cyndaria, the pair soon left the temple and set course for Kashyyyk. They landed near the village of her former home, the settlement mostly guarded by wookiees and used as a small stronghold, after sometime they were allowed access to the console and the results were: Ulian Cera (KIA), Vay’ra Cera (MIA) and her sister had moved away from the Kashyyyk several years before the conflict started and established a family back on Shili. Hoping her mother is still alive, Yulia and Simus would soon scout the northern regions of the planet for her mother, arriving at a place where her mother was known to go, Simus went to scout. During that, Yulia was sooned opened fired open by a droid, Yulia quickly went about disarming the droid and used it to find her mother. Upon doing so, Yulia and the droid went off up to a icey mountain platue where the droid would spring an ambush on Yulia with his fellow droids, she would destroy droid but also left seriously wounded by the attack but was quickly found by Simus and brought back to the transport they arrived in and healed up. On the way out, Simus was captured by a Trandoshan however Yulia was able to escape in the transport and tell the Jedi back on Yavin about the small trip. Vay’ra however is still missing and her location is unknown. The date at the time was: 277.01.
  • 277.06, Master Xan takes Yulia as his sixth padawan.
  • A civil war on Bunduki breaks out between the Order of Palawa, Yulia and Master Xan are dispatched to bring both sides together but they fail, the Civil War becomes violent, with several elders left dead. Leaders of the Rebels are known to be: Adar (Former Student of Master Xan) and Eve.
  • Yulia over time would learn alot from Dixo, her saber arts coming along nicely as well as her abilities with in the force.
  • 281.01, Yulia travels to Pzob with Noghri Warrior ‘Blorro’, they encounter Adar. Adar attempts to frame Master Xan by placing illegal substances and drugs into his store-house, Yulia foils the plan but Adar escapes yet again.