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Yrael Grekkis

Yrael Grekkis
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rhen Var

Mentor(s): Aeon Xarbon

Species: Zabrak


Nearby Zabrak’s rush to bring in the water and food from the fields. All day that day was in fast pace, due to the snow storm entering from the south and the new born entering the world. The vast coldness of the planet crept threw the cracks of the walls like darkness creeps up from the night. Cries of a mother in labor could be heard through the howling wind. Finally, the last of the male Zabraks brought back the last barrel of food just before the storm hit. Meanwhile, the mother continued her moaning. The nurse present patted the woman’s sweaty head with a silky towel. Minutes passed, as well as hours. Labor seemed worse than dieing with the endless pain. The lights flickered through the night, soon ending with darkness. All the community stayed in one place to escape the destruction of the snow storm, listening to the howling winds and moans of a woman. The darkness soon became light with the townsfolk lighting candles and sticks lighting. Soon after the candles were lit, the sounds of my Mother had ended, and new cries of life had begun. A newly born kep (child) had entered the world of the living. But in return, took the life of his mother. She had died during labor just soon after the kep was born. With the storm still had hand, no one had time to weep for the woman. All attention was to the windows. Ceiling them, blockading the doors to keep the snow from entering. The other women and children had began to cry, making it more noisy with the wind, the baby, and all the people.

Hours had passed and the storm had little signs of slowing up. The villagers managed to get the children and women to ease down. They were taken down to the basement to eat and sleep. I was taken to a room with many devices. All these gadgets and robots washing me down, sticking things in my face. Almost enough to seem like a man being taunted while tied to a post. The only remaining people upstairs were the local soldiers and male elders. They still had work to do.

An hour later, knocks were had been heard on the outside of shelter. The elder Zabraks were puzzled as they thought they had everyone downstairs and in the shelter. The bolts of the door started to shake, the wood creaked and the shaking of chains on wood began break the wind’s howling. Out of the doorway, wood began to break away. The metal of the door began to bend. The roar of a beast began very clear of what was happening. It was a wampa attack, but no ordinary wampa’s. Once through the door, the Zabrak’s had metal spikes and blasters to hold them back, but it was no use. A sudden surprise of 3 wampa’s with ropes around their necks and mouths had caught them off guard. White robed humanoids were riding their backs and charging at the line of Zabraks, and a battle broke way. Vibrations of blasters missing, bodies falling, and roaring wampa’s could be heard from the basement of the shelter. The women and children began to cry and moan once more, before the doors had broken up and the arms of the wampa’s began to swing, and the blood of the innocent began to flood the floor…

The attackers had began to salvage the remains of the fallen Zabraks and place the kep in cages. Their only intention was to kill the edar’s (adults) and turn the kep’s into slaves. however, was left on the planet to die. The group of invaders left the scene very fast with the remaining kep leaving the door open. The storm was still going strong, blowing in snow and cold air. The decapitated bodies had began to freeze, and the stench had grown stronger. But in the piled corpses, movement began to raddle the corpses. One of the Zabrak edar’s stood up holding his left arm in pain and breathing deeply. He dropped to his knees and let out a loud yell. After he had yelled, a cry had been let out. He heard this cry, and started to find me. He pushed the corpses out of his way, drawing closer and closer to me. Inch by inch, he became more optimistic about finding me. Finally, he had found me. I was laying in a pool of blood surrounded by the nurses that had been taken care of me. He picked me up and placed me in his arms. Placing me in more blankets, he put me next to an old heater. He lit a flame, and began searching for food. He found bits and pieces of fruit and began mashing them up. His arm was still bleeding yet he ignored his wounds to take care of the me. All was calm and quiet when he began feeding me and giving me milk. The storm began to die down but the wind was still quite strong. The man had started cleaning up the most and placing the bodies in a shed outside. The whole incident was just blank. The Zabrak society was taught at a very young age to let go of their feelings for others, and work as friends rather than companions. Thus the reason the man had little effect on him.

Finally, after nearly 16 hours, the storm had died off. On the planet of Rhen Var, nearly 120 Zabrak had taken refuge in the storm shelter, and only 2 remained after the attack. The citadel had remained for many years the shelter of the two Zabrak. I later found out the man’s name was Gath Bekkis, his wife’s name was Enth Bekkis; the woman who had given birth to me. Gath was my father, and I was his son. I was taken under him as his pupil. Just as his father had taught him, my father had taught me. 3 years had passed since the incident. My father told me our clan never really knew what actual time it was. Ever since the destruction of Iridonia they had lost track of time, taking the planet of Rhen Var as their new home world. Because of the tremendous atmosphere of Iridonia, the atmosphere on Rhen Var had little affect on our race. My father’s dream for me had always been to be successful. He said I had strong powers because of my reactions of the battle at my birth; which was little to no effect.

Later that month, a strange transport ship had arrived at our citadel and 3 figures had exited the ship. I greeted them and welcomed them to our home. My father wished to speak with two of them, while I began to engage in a conversation with one of the smaller humanoids. Soon after, my father and the two robed people walked up to me and began speaking to me, asking me questions. I told them the truth and what I had just nodded. The two robed figures walked to their ship and began talking. One grabbed a hold of his chin and nodded, then walked onto the ship. My father had told me that one day a group of people would come for me, and that it’d be a great honor to accept what they had to give. This was the day. I had little emotion towards my father as he had instructed me. So I only saw him as a mentor, and I respected him for that. I accepted one final mission from my father and then boarded the ship, to leave Rhen Var for the first and final time. The two strangers turned out to be Jedi recruiters, and the younger one was an Initiate. I was to be taken to the Jedi Order temple to receive approval from the Council to be trialled. The journey had begun, but the path was long and dangerous…

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