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Yon Vash

Yon Vash
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): Utho Astrocan, Ctathos Ederoi

Species: Human


Yon Vash is a shining example of a man seeking justice. He is quick to point out when he sees wrong being done, and quicker to find a solution. Determined to be the best Jedi Knight he is capable of being, he is certain to do so in due time.


Yon was an orphan of the human populated city of Theed. He spent his early days from the age of four in the orphanage slaving for the masters of the house, living in extremely poor standards (due to lack of government money). Given very little food and water and treated unkindly causing the children to fight with each other. Few years passed and Yon Vash had become fed up. He fled the city of Theed and that horrible life behind him and left as fast as he could into the forests and mountains of the Naboo System.

At seven years old, he was starving and afraid in the forest. Young Yon survived off of edible plant life, berries and small animals wherever he could find it. He slept in logs and up dead trees. Very slowly forging adaptation’s of clothing with skins.

He traveled the Solleu River to the harsh terrain of the Gallo Mountains, and then on to the great plains as far as he could go. Along his journeys for about a year he was completely alone with the exception of a lone Gungan who had befriended him during the beginning of his journey. Yon traveled onward to eventually meet up with man known ((To many)) as the Michi [Means High elder] Of the ShaddaCaa brotherhood. Michi was past his prime with exceptional wisdom and god like hunting ability.

The ShaddaCaa Brotherhood is a communal group intent on peaceful survival without outside interference. Highly spiritual, assuming and using their own language and personally trained in the art of CraiJAH. CraiJAH is a form of martial arts created by the ShaddaCaa. The ShaddaCaa Monks meditated on being one with the land and preserving their independent way of life away of the Naboo cities. They had survived undisturbed for many generations. They hunted many large shack, tusk cat and fished in the fresh waters.

When Yong Vash became one of the ShaddaCaa his life became much better and he was very happy. Yon trained on many different aspects of survival and hunting. He learned a new Language and made many friends, one of them is Reekin Cazz, whom he taught to Kudi [spar].

Nine Years went by and Yon became accepted and well loved in the ShaddaCaa brotherhood. Yon was often praised for his hunting skills and his techniques in CraiJAH combat. Nomadic in nature the ShaddaCaa monks often moved where there was food, this made for a harder and unstable life.

In his meditations he would often see places he had never been and people he was sure he had never met. This made the young Vash restless. He eventually left the ShaddaCaa brotherhood but is still a respected brother to this day. He set out to Theed on the Solleu River once again to begin his tour around the Universe.

Times were difficult for Yon Vash so he knew he would have to learn the way of the universe and that he had some elusive business to accomplish. After only a week looking in Theed for anything that could help. He eventually bumped into (literally knocking down) a man in a market place. He had no clue that it was Marcus Ehsimheim, astrophysicist and philosopher of Theed. Ehsimheim is a fairly short man with a fine suit robe, a holo book, glasses, grey hair and a face showing age. When trying to apologize Ehsimheim realized that although he looked like he was from Theed that he had very strange slang and was not properly educated in basic learning’s.

“My word boy you don’t know your letters do you?”

Ashamed, Yon turned to leave but the kindness of Marcus Ehsimheim was strong and he insisted that Yon come with him and stay as his guest as a repayment for so rudely knocking him down. Yon accepted as he was hungry and tired.

Yon learned of the good mans credentials and the next day the Doctor, decided to take the boy under his wing and teach him the way of letters, history, science, literature, math, art, music and social etiquette. He also taught Yon of fine food, drinks, and heavy studies in astrophysics and carbonation.

After a two years of training Yon who had made some money working for the good Dr. in Theed, was now ready for his quest across the universe.

He Searched the Holonet for jobs out of planet and good vacation spots eventually finding the position in Bespin city as a Carbon Freeze Production Technician. Yon was over qualified for the position but got the job nonetheless. While traveling to his new home he made many stops on a sight seeing tour, one of which included Tatooine. Yon was a witness to a sad atrocity at a space port on the Outer Rim Region. A man with a lightsaber had a problem with a local bar merchant who just so happened to be in a gang controlled by the Hutt’s. This enraged security among the bar goers, which created a bloody massacre, which the man with the lightsaber walked away unharmed, Yon barely escaped. Something Yon noticed was that the blade to the man’s lightsaber was RED. Watching the aftermath of this fight was comparable to a decimated war some with severed body parts scattered among the wreckage. Entire walls smashed out. There was no question this was a well trained Force sensitive “”as it’s later described” which would easily explain his victory.

After this Yon carried on almost overcome with a sense of mistreatment from the lightsabered attacker and felt strongly that the criminal should be put to justice. He decided that he would make it so that something like this will never happen again in his presence, and he would carry on the kindness that the others had shown him and pass it on to others and defend the innocent. Yon searched for cycles and cycles and planet to planet and eventually found a lightsaber ((slightly broken)) on the Nar Shadda System. This cost every credit yon had saved up and was slightly stranded on the Moon of Nar Shaddaa until he hitched a ride with a food runner to the outer rim planets eventually arriving at Bespin,

Yon never saw this man again. Ironically roughly a year after Yon worked as a Carbon Freeze Tech, while on a cloud car joyride he stumbled on a Jedi Academy on the east side of Bespin. Yon awkwardly found his way to the temple cantina where he began to meet the Jedi and watch them train. Although old, Yon was set on learning the Jedi way.

Eventually Yon was tested and accepted into the Jedi order by Master Soh Raun and Master Gabe Alkorda and moved to Yavin four at a new Jedi temple to replace the destroyed Massassi temple. He later in his training assumed the apprenticeship of Jedi Knight Utho Astrocan of the Voice council, ((see journals for more details)) and began to keep a journal as requested by the masters. and was fitted with a green training lightsaber.

The rest and best is yet to come.

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