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Yelana Al’blis

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Cato Neimoidia

Mentor(s): Keth Flynn

Species: Human


Seven years ago from the current timeline, a small female child was born into the galaxy, by a couple of careless parents. Worrying that Yelana would indeed ruin their lives, they dropped the child off to a nearby orphanage on her home world of Cato Neimoidia. That specified orphanage, was currently in the care of its original creator and founder Kotaro. A nice old man who was once an orphan himself many years ago when he himself was a child and taken into foster care.

Yelana┬┤s parents dropped her off when she was merely four years old in front of the steps of the Hiba orphanage, hoping her life would pick up once she came of age and received an adequate education. At least, that was the hope of the parents. Kotaro, the owner and main care-taker of the children within the orphanage took great care of the children once they were at the doorstep of the establishment and rewarded the children with praise and similar other instances of rewards for good work and honorable conduct.

Since Yelana was brought to the orphanage at the early age of four, she was welcomed by the other children her age and older into the fold as one of the family and proceeded to learn from them all, including the founder of the orphanage himself. They established a sense of comraderie and familiarship with each other and learned the values of bonds between individuals and hard work, alongside with harmless fun and playtime.

Two years afterwards, Kotaro passed away due to old age, and another took his place as the headmaster and caretaker of the orphanage named Lilly. A tyrant of sorts that stroke fear in the eyes, hearts and minds of the children of the institution whenever they stepped out of line even for a little bit, no matter how minor their offense is.

As time passed by and the relentless rule of the cruel headmistress of the Hiba orphanage, it merely managed to strengthen the bond between the children and made them more resourceful when it came to everyday activities, from cleaning, dusting or even patching skinned knees or elbows should the occasions arise. They had to learn for themselves and stick together, or fall apart like a stack of cards and that is what made them insepperable.

One year passing after the rule of the relentless headmaster, Yelana was recognized by her potential and soft, kind demeanor by a republic pilot passing through the Neimoidian system who was keen in sensing potentials from his innate ability to recognize those with slight Force capabilities and secretly made a deal with the headmistress to take Yelana off her hands, and take her to the current Jedi academy on Rannon.