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High Councilor - Ossus High Councilor

Homeworld: Unknown

Species: Unknown


Yanna “The Elder Sage”: Yanna is revered for her experience, wisdom, and tranquil nature. Despite living for little over a century, she has yet to participate in galactic war. This is due to her disdain for warfare. Instead, she spent her early years traveling, and discovering the mysteries of the Force. Because of her findings, Yanna has become a leading researcher of the Force, and a prominent figure in Jedi “Force” theories. However, throughout her lifetime, Yanna has developed a tendency towards caution, and stresses it above all.


Yanna* is born on 235.17 ABY.
Yanna is initiated on 242.20 ABY in the Coruscant Temple.
Yanna is apprenticed to Jedi Master Yottle* on 247.22 ABY.
Yanna is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight on 260.14 ABY.
Yanna takes on Fedo Kas* on 264.16 ABY.
Fedo Kas is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight on 279.01 ABY.
Fedo Kas is murdered by the Dark Jedi Yuric* on 282.22 ABY.
Yanna is granted the title of Jedi Master on 289.11 ABY.
Yanna takes on Jorra Nanda* and Vaela Holkey* on 300.13 ABY as her apprentices.
Jorra Nanda and Vaela Holkey are Knighted on 317.24 ABY.
Yanna transfers to the Ossus Temple on 322.13 ABY.
Vaela Holkey dies on 337.29 in the Arkanian Praxeum attack by the Sith Imperium.
Jorra Nanda is granted the title of Jedi Master on 338.17 ABY.
Yanna is made Residential Councilor of Ossus on 346.13 ABY.
Yanna is granted a seat on the High Council on 358.30 ABY.

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