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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Trandosha

Mentor(s): Zeenat Sayul*

Species: Trandoshan


Xorssk was born on the planet Trandosha to a renowned and respected hunter who frequented raids on the Wookiee homeworld, Kashyyyk. His mother did not survive childbirth, and because of this, Vraak retired from hunting for a short period of time to raise his child. Vrook held his son to a high standard, and expected him to follow in his footsteps when he grew up, often teaching Xorssk about the Trandoshan culture, sharing stories about his raids on Kashyyyk and the jagganath points he had attained in those attacks.

While Xorssk indulged his father and listened to tales of his so called conquests, they never made much sense to him and felt wrong, but for the time being he kept it to himself. Over time, Vraak became more and more demanding of Xorssk, telling him what is expected of him and that he will have to join his father’s raids when he returns to hunting again. The pressure he placed on Xorssk had finally reached its breaking point and during a lecture by his father, Xorssk spoke out against his father’s beliefs and actions. This infuriated Vraak, his patience had begun to run thin. He could not continue raising him if he would not follow down his path – doing otherwise would tarnish his reputation and renown as a hunter.

In a last attempt, Vraak presented Xorssk with an ultimatum – either he will accept the path his father set out for him, or he will be sent on a one way trip to Coruscant, where he would be left to fend for himself. Knowing that he could not follow in his father’s footsteps, he chose the latter.

Not long after his arrival on Coruscant, by a stroke of luck his force sensitivity was noticed by Zeenat Sayul, a visiting Jedi Knight from Dantooine, who happened to be on Coruscant for a diplomatic mission. He was accepted as an initiate at the Dantooine Enclave, and after several years he was taken as an apprentice by the same Jedi that discovered him. Xorssk showed great tenacity and curiosity whilst under the tutelage of Zeenat, and was granted the rankof Jedi Knight several months before departing for his transfer to the Rannon Praxeum.