JEDI HoloNet

Xishala Uquali

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Mirkal

Species: Nautolan


Xishala’s father was a migrant Engineer in the massive orbital ship-yards of Dac. In times past, the primary populace at work in the yards were native Mon Calamarian, or Quarren, but since last century, when the Mandolorians subjugated the planet, foreign labor has been relied on more and more heavily. When the opportunity arose for Xishala’s parents, they left their home planet of Glee Anselm. Her father’s position afforded them a comfortable life, but Xishala and her Mother were often home alone beneath the waters of the planet’s surface for months at a time while her father attended his post in orbit, designing and repairing Mon Calamari Spaceships.

Xishala hatched 3 years prior to the move, but doesn’t have very many memories of Glee Anselm, or even the early days on Dac. Her most prominent memory from that time, though, was the small aquarium the tadpole-esque toddler had been transported in. A water-based cradle, for she had still been much to young to breath anything but ocean water. Thankfully, the oxygen and salt contents of Dac’s oceans aren’t too dissimilar from Glee Anselm, and the only thing that took any real adjusting was the temperature of the water. Without the nourishing, equatorial warmth and tropical beaches of her home planet, the last few years of Xishala’s larval state, where she became able to exist both above and below water, were atypical for a Nautolan child. Her skin took upon a darker hue, though she retained her mother’s large spots, and as is sometimes typical in amphibious life, hormonally she had shifted genders.

For much of the time she had spent on the planet, her family had lived in a small underwater apartment in New Coral City. When it came time for schooling, Xishala did very well academically, but excelled physically, swimming faster than most of her peers, and developing a keen bodily awareness beneath the water. The inner-city schools of New Coral City have a common practice of testing gifted youth for signs of Force Sensitivity, and Xishala’s family received the news that she had passed the examinations, and that if allowed, transportation would be arranged for her for further testing off world. They were given a few months to think this over, but finally Xishala’s Mother and Father agreed, realizing that with her father largely absent on the orbital ship farms, that the stress of rearing the force-sensitive girl alone would be too much for Xishala’s mother to bear. With final goodbyes, at the age of 8, Xishala was taken to Ossus by a Jedi Watchman.

Xishala has spent 2 years on Ossus, learning the basics of meditation, and some force theory, but mainly running and playing with the other children, through the forests and hills, always accompanied by some padawan. Ossus has recently been inundated with initiates, and is realizing that they’ve more than surpassed their capability to care for all of them. The Ossus Temples are now looking to offload some of the initiates to other orders of Jedi, in hopes that they will each find attentive care across the galaxy. Xishala’s dossier was passed along to the Council members that had previously overseen the Rannon Praxeum. The heading of the document would lead one to believe that this had been sent as an oversight, by a member that wasn’t fully up to date on the state of your order. Nevertheless, if the council were interested in taking on the care of an Initiate, Ossus is looking to relocate Xishala.