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Xin Okata

Xin Okata
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Atrisia

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Tharon Jivler, Kallan Reu, Cedro Huerter


Xin Okata was born on the planet Atrisia to Jung Okata and Nii Okata. While he did not have much time with his parents, their parenting style was strict and enforced the tradition of his people. It left a lasting impression on Xin. He was discovered to be Force-sensitive at an early age of four, and was taken to the Jedi Temple of Ossus to be evaluated by the Jedi Council. After spending a cycle amongst the Temple’s residents, he was initiated.

Xin’s early training was spent mostly in the dojo. He took a quick liking to the lightsaber under his eventual mentor Jedi Master Zay Tiin, a Kel Dor lightsaber instructor of the Ossus Temple. Because of his focus on combat, his other areas of study suffered such as Force Mastery and Theory, diplomacy, et cetera. It got to the point where Master Beasan had to confiscate Xin’s lightsaber for a year, which forced Xin to catch up with his peers. In the year without his lightsaber, he was able to obtain a small measure of appreciation for other subjects. Once his lightsaber was returned to him, he no longer let his other studies fall behind.

At the age of twelve, Master Tiin took on a second apprentice, a thirteen year old Miraluka girl named Vara Kay. Vara was more interested in the theory and history behind lightsaber combat than its practical applications. Regardless, as most Padawan siblings do, the pair became close. Over the years Xin developed feelings for Vara; however, she did not feel the same way about him. When they weren’t on assignment and at the Temple, Xin, to distract himself from Vara and to relax, would spend enormous amounts of time perfecting his swordsmanship. And once he got bored of that, he started learning how to handle other types of weapons, melee and ranged alike.

At the age of twenty-one, while Xin was in the process of building his lightsaber, Master Tiin was sent on assignment with Vara and he was killed by a group of Weequay mercenaries. Upon witnessing his death, Vara turned to the dark side and killed the mercenaries. Devastated by the news, he secluded himself from the other residents of the Ossus Temple until he was approached by a Jedi Shadow. The Shadow inquired details about Vara, but Xin gave him only enough information, which was little to nothing, so that the Shadow would leave.

Xin, thinking back on his training, meditated on Vara and looked for her through the Force. He received a vision of her location and went to her. He begged for her to return home, but she was too far gone; and the young Xin was not equipped to redeem her. The two fought, and Vara was killed as a result. He remained with her corpse for two days before the same Shadow tracked him and the now deceased Vara down. He returned the pair to the Jedi Temple, and for defeating her the Jedi Council offered to promote him to Jedi Knight. Disgusted but refusing to show it, he said to the Council to give him time and left the room. Once alone, the Shadow talked to him and calmed him, before he returned to the Jedi Council and solemnly accepted the promotion to Jedi Knight.

After his promotion, Xin did not want to spend a moment in the Jedi Temple. Instead, going on peacekeeping assignments and acquiring more experience as a Jedi. Because of the Council’s “reward” for killing his unrequited love however, he grew somewhat disillusioned with the Jedi way and the Council. Nonetheless, he is a Jedi at heart and will fulfill his duty with honor of keeping the peace and serving the Force. Now twenty-five, Xin wants to settle down in a Jedi facility, and try to figure out himself and his relationship with the Order once again.