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Xel Damar

Xel Damar
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dorin

Mentor(s): Tergos Zemnos, Bo Iiln

Species: Kel Dor


Dorin; the industrial world called home by the Kel Dor was also called home to the Damar family, a rather large family of Kel Dor that lived in the outskirts of the capital known as Dor’shan, the family inhabited the outer most south-ward dome of the city itself, design to protect the native Kel Dor from the brutal storms that were common occurrences on Dorin. The dome held only a few neighborhoods, it was not exceptionally large, it was known to have been dominated by the Damar family that were mostly considered experts in the field of mechanical and technical repair.

Born through a night of turmoil, the storms that lashed against the planet were particularly ruthless this night, the screams of his mother Nala muffled by those of thunder roaring through the sky, the lightning crackling through the clouds as she was giving birth to her sixth and last child. An unusually large family, Nala and her husband; Kol had always dreamed of a large family, a family that would remain a constant presence in the dome they called home, to further aid their people in repairing damages made by the storm, to rise to some form of importance where they would require to be depended on and not vice versa. However, the moment the Kel Dor opened his eyes in the arms of his mother, they knew he was destined for something greater than a mechanic, the iris’ of his eyes shined a bright silver, which was often a sign of affinity to the Force among the Kel Dor.

Growing up in the family, being one of the few rare exceptions that had the silver iris, life wasn’t bad but it wasn’t wholly good either. Xel was sheltered from the dangerous elements that battered the world, he was fed and given sustainence but what he lacked most, was not physical but emotional. He did not get love from his older siblings, many of them were envious of the fact that he had a potential affinity with the Force, naturally, they all expected a visit from the Baran Do Sages in the years to come but for now, his older brother’s and sisters had made sure of it, that Xel would not be treated as a member of the family, an outside, a blight among the family. Despite even being defended by his parents, they could not disown their children for the sake of one, they could not split the family in half, they were only left with simple telling offs while Xel was continuously assaulted through verbal gestures, his emotions being tugged at every corner.

Because of this, Xel rarely spent any time at home with his mother, if he wasn’t at school trying his best to learn the basics such as math and galactic standard basic, he was usually out with his father helping him repair machines damaged by the storm but in any true capacity; he handed over the tools his father needed or played around with them. It was a simple yet rewarding life, he spent more time away from home than his siblings and he quite liked it. He didn’t particularly dislike his siblings, he didn’t understand why they treated him as such, he never truly felt envious of them but then, they were his siblings, he didn’t think it was right to treat them that way. So instead, he invested in making friends at school, he was pretty social, most of his friends found the silver tint in his iris’ to be pretty awesome as opposed to the envious reception he had received from his older siblings, some even began to mention the Baran Do Sages.

Nearing his eighth birthday, Xel was on the tips of his toe in anticipation, hoping for the Baran Do Sages to turn up and whisk him away from his home to teach him about the Force, to get him away from the envious glares of his siblings. It was not the Baran Do Sages that had turned up however, it was a Jedi Knight dressed in earthly colored robes and they too were Kel Dor. He was approached for the same reasons he expected the Baran Do to have approached him, he test his affinity to the Force, to take him away and to induct him into their Order. Xel was struck beyond disbelief when he had finally come to the fact it was a Jedi, of course, they had seen his silver iris’, it narrowed down the search for potential Jedi among the Kel Dor and this particular Jedi Knight was a Watchman.

After various talks between Xel’s parents as well as talks with Xel, whom had begged to go back to Coruscant with the Jedi Knight, it was decided Xel would be taken back to Coruscant for further testing. Before his departure, he said farewell to his parents and siblings, however, there was one last thing that was required of him, he needed to fit his anti-tox mask, the idea of having one was beyond him, he didn’t understand the concept but soon learned that many worlds and their gases were not friendly to Kel Dor. Begrudgingly having his mask fitted, boarded the shuttle for Coruscant and then Alzoc Three to commence his new life.