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Xaran Varc

Xaran Varc

Homeworld: Garos IV

Species: Chistori


Xaran Varc was born in the town of Zila on a lush planet located in the Mid Rim called Garos IV. When he graduated from the University of Garos he left his home world on an old, barely space worthy ship en route to Coruscant searching for employment as an historian. Unfortunately after passing through the Obroa system his ship was suddenly and viscously boarded by pirate raiders. They injected a toxin into the life-support system, which paralyzed him and rendered him unconscious. He was incapacitated and subsequently transported to the pirate headquarters located on Pengalan IV.

He awoke a few days later in a dark and unfamiliar room, guarded by several pirates who referred to themselves as the ‘First Remnant of Eyttyrmin Batiiv’. Hours became days and days became cycles and it was still not clear why he was held captive. Several cycles passed and he figured it was time to escape. He knew that this was not an easy task, considering the fact that his room was heavily guarded and that he himself stood well over two meters tall, which made it very difficult for him to go unnoticed.

As a Chistori he possessed exceptional physical strength and startling reflexes and after conceiving an escape plan he requested his ‘dizziness’ to be examined. When the guard entered his room he managed to disable him but unfortunately a passing guard saw the event occur and shot him twice in his right shoulder. He was brought to the infirmary where he spent a cycle recovering from his injuries. After his recovery he was restrained by stun cuffs and escorted back to his room. Fortunately for him it was not clear from which room he came and the two escorting guards began to argue with each other. During their quarrel, he broke free from his restraints and ran towards the nearest docking bay, which was located next to the infirmary.

Ironically the docking bay as well as his ship was left unlocked and he was able to escape without much difficulty. Obviously his captors engaged in a pursuit and they soon began to fire at his old ship. At the last moment he was able to activate his hyperdrive and finally escape into hyperspace. This latest attack caused such severe damage to his ship that it was beyond his abilities to repair. He spent several days adrift in space without any response to his distress signal. After a while his distress signal was finally picked up by a passenger-freighter which was en route to the Galactic Centre of Coruscant.

Amongst the passengers of the freighter was a Jedi Knight named Goran Astalian, who revealed to him that he was Force-sensitive. The Jedi Knight took him to the Jedi Temple where he faced the Jedi High Council of Coruscant and was tested concerning Goran Astalian’s belief that he should be trained in the way of the Jedi. After spending a cycle at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant he was escorted to a rendezvous-point where he boarded a transport ship that was en route to the newly constructed Jedi Enclave located on Dac.

The transport ship arrived at the Jedi Enclave a cycle later and he spent a few years living as a hopeful. Most of the time he was either too preoccupied with attending a class by one of the instructors or reading a holobook at the archives. One day Jedi Knight Jared Quell entered the archives and politely asked him to follow. They had a lengthily conversation in one of the restricted meditation chambers and when they finished their conversation, he received a blue training-lightsaber as well as membership into the Jedi Order.

Years later he came to realize that the way of the Jedi was not something he would like to continue with and resigned from the Jedi Order. He left for his homeworld and found a quiet piece of land where he spend the rest of his life in peace.