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Wynne Avurys

Wynne Avurys

Homeworld: Kuat

Species: Hapan


Wynne Avurys was adopted to an influential mercantile tycoon on. Her adoptive father Alik was a human and heir to a broker exchange agency that ran his business firms wide throughout the whole galaxy.

Little is known about my Wynne’s mother, as she was an agent of Alik’s business firm and secretly a force sensitive.

Wynne was a very intelligent child for her age and well-disciplined due to her father’s upbringing. She would spend time with her adoptive father’s business colleagues and government officials, where ever their business transactions ensued. She was able to travel to many places as a child and was exposed to the many different life styles of the galaxy.

On a late business trip to Alzoc with her father, Wynne attended an upper class illusionist production under the protective sight of her father’s personal security. Her father was absent to the show as he was closing a deal with a client a few meters away.

A few minutes into the production, a sudden attack ensues causing a smoke bomb to set off and guests to flee the theater towards safety.

During the chaos, kidnappers were able to capture the child and escape aboard their transport, taking her to a hidden facility on Alzoc.

For only a few days, the child was taken hostage and confined in a comfortable underground dwelling. The child was pampered as a hostage and cared for in a very hospitable manner. Her captors had spoken to the child explaining that all this was a planned was game of her father’s, whom she would be reunited with soon.

An investigation pursued from Kuat government officials and a team of jedi were dispatched. A few days shortly, they discover the whereabouts of the child and execute a successful rescue.

It is uncovered by the jedi that Wynne’s adoptive father had devised the plot in order to close a deal with a black market client.

The child was put under the witness protection program. A group of tests were administered on the child’s well-being including a blood sample. The results had determined that the child was physically and emotionally healthy, but revealed she was not the biological daughter of Alik, and being of Hapan descent.

Information regarding the child’s custody under Alik was classified and disclosed in the initial court proceedings.

Upon the decision of government officials, the child was placed under the custody of the two jedi, who then brought the child to Alzoc III as her bloodline provided she had Midi-chlorians in her blood and knowing that her mother was also a force sensitive.

On 298.08 ABY, Avurys began her journey as a new initiate joining the Alzoc III order.