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Wrennin Vae

Wrennin Vae
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Saleucami

Mentor(s): Alehk Thol

Species: Togruta

Padawan(s): Aelon Besarat, Iffo Rav'i, Nodo Salar


High Councilor, Diplomat and Doctor, all fair titles and undeniably well earned. However, for Wrennin Vae only one title is worth holding: friend.

Those who follow the path of the blade hone and sharpen their skills endlessly on the duelling pads, those who follow the artisanal route tinker and tweak perpetually in the search of perfection. Instead, Wrennin Vae waffles and babbles his way into the hearts and affections of his peers and students. Regarded by everyone but himself as one of the most charismatic and successful diplomats in the recent history of the Order, Wrennin is far more aware of the finer details of diplomacy and the influencers and motivations of people than most.

The fact he is just as likely to address a room full of squabbling senators as he is to buy a stranger another Ithorian Mist at Bandor spaceport in an attempt to learn more about their past and culture, only acts as a testament that there is not a more genuine Jedi than Wrennin Vae.


Wrennin Vae was born on 321.15 ABY on the arid planet Saleucami. The third of four children, Wrennin lived with his sisters and parents in one of the tiny towns that scattered the surface of this inhospitable planet. His parents owned a disreputable but profitable cantina, serving the numerous spacers and smugglers taking a break from travelling the Talcine Transit. The four children spent their childhoods mainly within the cantina walls, escaping the blistering heat of Saleucami’s long noons.

During Wrennin’s sixth year, his father, who had struggled for years with a gambling addiction, lost his half of the cantina to a low level underworld boss. The deed passed through many hands before being bought by a Gossam and he was quick to claim his share of the business.

Over the next three years, as the Gossam demanded more and more authority in the cantina, Wrennin’s mother was forced to relinquish more and more of her influence. As time passed, the innocuous cantina became an underworld haven, with Wrennin’s parents, tired and unassertive, cowed into resignation. The children, Wrennin especially, helped as much as they could, if only to relieve some of the pressure from their parents.

Around Wrennin’s ninth birthday, the cantina started to gain a reputation for bad luck. The loudest, drunkest and most violent thugs suddenly began to lose at their dice games, over and over and over until, pockets empty, they refused to return. Whilst Wrennin’s parents were delighted that their business and home was becoming like before, his mother couldn’t shake the feeling that Wrennin was somehow involved. He had always volunteered in place of his sisters to wait on the worst gamblers, his face set into a scowl visible even in the dim, smoky room. Wrennin’s mother made a decision to herself and began to save whatever credits she could.

After travelling halfway across the planet, Wrennin, his sisters and mother made it to the major spaceport and medical facilities, where, following an analysis on his bloodstream, his potential to become a Jedi was confirmed. Wrennin was offered the chance to give up his life on Saleucami to be welcomed, if not necessarily accepted, into the Jedi Order. Wrennin initially wanted to turn down the opportunity, but seeing the pride of his family made him feel pressured into accepting and he left for the Core Worlds. Within a day, his application process was complete and discovered he would be relocating to the frozen Outer Rim world of Alzoc III.

Once he was initiated into the Order and later noviced after the Branch’s transfer to Yavin IV, Wrennin was slow, even reluctant, to advance in his training. Despite this, he tried to maintain the Jedi teachings alongside the lessons from his childhood by always attempting to be a friendly face around the enclave, if with a reputation for losing at Pazaak.

A Knight before he turned 20, a Councilor before 30 and a High Councilor before 40, Wrennin sought to remain true to his values and those of the Order.


321.15 ABY – Born in Aluuna, Saleucami

331.07 ABY – Initiated in the presence of the Alzoc III Council

332.20 ABY – Noviced and apprenticed to Alehk Thol

337.02 ABY – Presented speech to the Senate on Coruscant

340.28 ABY – Given the title of Jedi Knight in the presence of Alehk Thol, Amalia Feyn & Cael Dan’kor

351.01 ABY – Granted a seat on the Rannon Council

357.21 ABY – Given the title of Jedi Master and granted a seat on the High Council

370.12 ABY – Dies whilst on an assignment