JEDI HoloNet

Wolo Tay

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Omwat

Mentor(s): Coren Ran

Species: Omwati


Wolo Tay was born on Omwat in 335 ABY. Before his lengthy trip to the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon, he lived in the capital city on his home planet. His parents were both singers and were quite wealthy. The city in which they lived was a wonder to behold. The technological and artistic advances of the Omwati in the last 300 years were staggering, allowing for beautiful architecture and stunning decorations throughout their cities.

Music and mathematics made up the majority of Wolo’s days in addition to various other subjects. He attended a rigorous general education school and learned decent amounts of Omwatese and Basic. There was one subject that Wolo wasn’t learning about that would prove to be the most important subject of his studies; the Force. Nobody knew that Wolo was Force sensitive. His parents wouldn’t be interested in him becoming a Jedi either way because of the war. Besides, Wolo loved music just as much as they did. Like many kids, he wanted to be just like his parents. However, one day, all of that changed.

One eventful evening, Wolo’s parents brought him along to their grandest performance. It was to be a duet featuring both Omwati and their entire career led up to this moment. Wolo was very happy to that he got to attend. In his opinion, there were no better singers in the galaxy.

During the intermission, Wolo was watching his parents talk to a family friend when he noticed a particularly large window and decided to check it out. He noticed a commotion of shadows in a nearby alley, possibly a fight. He ran to tell his parents, but they were already on-stage. His babysitter said that everything was surely okay and they probably weren’t fighting. When the show had ended, people ended up shoving past eachother to talk to relatives and friends. Wolo got separated from his babysitter and ended up in the lobby next to an open door which led outside. Wolo decided to take the opportunity to sate his curiosity and check out that alley. He wanted to make sure that nothing bad was going on. Unfortunately for him, someone lay in wait for the first theatergoer to exit. After Wolo took a few cautious steps outside, he was quickly seized and stuffed into a canister.

When he was finally set on a floor, he heard nothing but silence for about ten minutes and then he heard a number of bumps and bangs. Then he heard an engine start and felt his body smash against the floor as the ship accelerated upwards. Wolo fumbled for his communicator, trying to find the button in darkness of the canister. He scoured his memory but couldn’t remember the frequency for law enforcement. He heard the pilot flip a loud switch and rise from his seat. Wolo quickly hid his communicator.

The pilot shoved past the canister and bumped something else in the process. Wolo heard an *oof* come from somewhere, and it didn’t belong to the pilot. Curious, he waited until the pilot left the room and tapped on the inside of his canister to form a coded sentence. He heard a reply, which was tapped on the same material as his canister. He wasn’t the only prisoner. Wolo tapped out another message asking who was there. The reply arrived shortly afterwards, in the form of his parents’ names. Wolo’s stomach churned as he realized what was going on here. His parents must have went looking for him after he left. They were probably being sold off as slaves and didn’t have much time before they were under much heavier security.

The parents and child quickly worked out a plan together. Their communicators were worthless now that they were far away from their planet. They needed to get out of the canisters, and quickly. The three of them felt around their prisons for a weakness, but found none. They gave up after a few hours, when suddenly there was a click from above Wolo’s canister and the lid popped a couple of inches upwards. Wolo pushed at the lid and found that it was open. Puzzled, he peeked above the rim at the room, but there was nobody to be seen.

He shrugged, and quickly released his parents. The three Omwati took inventory of the room. There were no weapons, but there were a few panels that they could get some information out of. Woko, Wolo’s mother, sliced her way into the system and saw their destination. Apparently they were heading for Ryloth. The ship was very low on fuel and probably was close to its destination. They also discovered that there was an escape pod aboard. The parents looked at each other and then at Wolo.

The three worked together to unlock the door to the bridge and rushed inside. Blen, Wolo’s father, unlocked the door to the escape pod and helped Wolo inside. Wolo asked if they were coming, but his parents explained that they would take control of the ship after he was safely away. Wolo quickly hugged his father and mother, and saw their faces one final time. Blen and Woko quickly checked that the craft was space-worthy and launched him towards the planet’s surface. Wolo felt the G-force on himself increase and lost consciousness. The stabilizers finally kicked in, allowing him to wake up. He was a few hundred meters from the planets surface and the thrusters quickly kicked in to slow the descent. The landing was smooth, thankfully.

He gasped for air as he opened the hatch and tried to calm down. He saw a few speeders approaching his pod with uniformed officers piloting them. He explained the situation to them when they arrived and they quickly made a few calls. He heard someone on the commlink say that a ship exploded shortly before reaching the atmosphere. Out of the corner of his eyes, he noticed a reflection on the surface of a nearby lake. There were trails of light in the sky as volleys of debris burned to nothingness.

Wolo watched the sky as he set to work on ways that his parents might have survived. He remembered that there was only one escape pod aboard the small freighter. Wolo froze as he realized that his parents couldn’t have survived without one. He watched the sky for a while as he tried to cope with his feelings. One of the officers knelt down and extended a hand with a piece of debris that made it through the atmosphere. Wolo could barely make out his mother’s favorite necklace, now charred beyond its original beauty. It was given to her by her mother a few years ago. He closed his eyes and tried to remember the performance, when everyone was happy and safe. When he opened his eyes, the world seemed to blur as he began to cry. He allowed himself to be lead away as he was sent off to a hospital.

Wolo was led to a nearby settlement, where he was given medical care and his future was discussed among the authorities. He didn’t have any family left, meaning he’d probably be sent off to an orphanage. He was alone in the hospital room when a robed figure politely knocked on the door and introduced himself. Wolo half-heartedly greeted the stranger and talked with him for a while.

Besides his parents, he was the nicest person Wolo had ever met, and he found that it was very easy to talk to him. The stranger turned out to be a Jedi Knight, who told Wolo that he could train to become a Jedi. He said that the Jedi closely guarded and strove for peace in the galaxy. Wolo wanted nothing more than to live in a galaxy where his parents never would have been kidnapped. It was something worth living and fighting for. He followed the Jedi Knight to a shuttle and he was soon on his way to the Jedi Praxeum on Rannon.

Onboard the shuttle, Wolo got his first glimpse of Rannon. He pressed his face to the window as the shuttle descended and watched his reflection race over the water. A flock of birds circled below, prompting the pilot to fly a little slower. Wolo smiled for a moment as the shuttle prepared to land. Once it landed, he walked to the opened door and breathed the air for the first time. It was crisp and clear, and Wolo couldn’t help feeling calmed by the beauty of it all as he stepped onto the planet and into his Jedi life.