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Wik Maro

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Wik was born on Corellia 321.12. He lived with his mother and father until his father disappeared 329.09. He was under his mother’s care until 330.10, when he lost her to a mysterious illness and became an orphan. 330.11, Wik met a Jedi Knight who noticed that Wik was Force-sensitive after meeting him a few hours after the funeral. 330.12, Wik’s 9th birthday, the Jedi Knight offered to take Wik to the Jedi Enclave on Alzoc Three, where Wik could learn more about Jedi and maybe become one of them someday.

Everything was arranged by the Jedi Knight who Wik had met a day earlier. He was afraid of all this change, but he was always curious about how galaxy worked. When he was told that something incredible existed called the Force, and that people didn’t really die the way Wik had imagined, he started asking a lot of questions. Wik was young, and he didn’t know much about the galaxy outside of Corellia, but he was an expert at asking questions about everything, when he wasn’t too shy to ask them. When he was asked if he’d like to live among Jedi, he asked himself one of his most important questions ever; did he truly want to be a Jedi? He took a shuttle to the Jedi Enclave on Alzoc Three, because there was only one way to find out. Was he scared of traveling into outer space at the speed of light? Absolutely, but he was more scared of never knowing the answer to his question. 330.13, Wik saw the Jedi Enclave on Alzoc Three for the first time and after the front doors opened, he stepped foot into what could be his future. It was much warmer inside, thankfully.