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Wesley Ryor

Wesley Ryor
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Commenor

Mentor(s): Gabe Alkorda

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Arikakon Genkal


A quite border-line Jedi. Having had multiple Dark Side exposure and Code conflicts, Wesley is a fine example of a loose cannon. Having expertise in all forms of combat and tactical battle, his weakness lies in his over-confidence and lack of Jedi Ethics and moral standards.


Wesley Ryor was born on the planet Commenor and raised by his father Yoyoran, and his mother Urabe. From the beginning of his infancy, his parents knew he was special, but not as all children were special in their own. But what to come for young Wesley and his family was quite unexpected.

Having his father taken from him at a young age in an event that would later be known as a heroic last stand and symbol of courage and leadership ( ‘The Death of Yoyoran Ryor’ ) Wesley was touched by death at a young age. Because of this he became very bitter to all but his mother who would also soon die of pancreatic cancer.

After struggling to overcome the death of both of his parents having been attached to both Wesley was placed in an orphanage where he was later diagnosed as a Force Sensitive child after lifting another orphan up and tossing him in anger without touching him during a fight. He was then evaluated by a Jedi Knight of a JEDI Academy on Yavin IV..Who decided to then suggest young Ryor for Jedi training.

Wesley did not fully understand at the time and thought he was being punished for his bad deeds. But all was made clear in time. Two long and eventful years pass for Ryor at the JEDI temple on Yavin IV where he learned the ways of the Jedi and worked to become a fully fledged student and be chosen by a Knight to be an apprentice.

A following events would forever change his life a once close friend betrayed Wesley. He was almost banished from the Jedi Order if it had not been for the thorough investigation of the Jedi Council, the Jedi of the Yavin IV Academy might have never discovered the truth. Wesley was allowed to remain a part of his new family… For now..

After this however, his mood took deep steps into an almost sickening depression; trying to keep his spirits up, he looked on for new methods to keep himself from such dark feelings. It was at this time Wesley became to overwhelm himself with comedic or silly emotions to try and block out all negative emotions that he is daily engulfed in. Spending hours meditating daily and practicing his wit, Wesley began to grow into a more rounded person…. for the worse of course.

His new abilities and outlook on life made him extraordinarily arrogant and he suffered from hubris or excessive pride. Slipping into another short depression, Wesley stopped showing up for Classes, he was locking himself away and fled. He did not wish for contact any longer, but if it was not for Jedi Master Axem Keigoku, Wesley may have been lost forever. Master Keigoku put Wesley back on the path, brought him back and placed
his future into a once again moving path.

Though after many hardships so early on in life, Ryor moved on, pursuing his goal of one day becoming a Jedi Knight, and teaching young ones after him everything that he will learn, in his days to come.

Resuming his training habits Wesley found himself working harder, longer, and more dedicated than ever. Now a Padawan he sought a Mentor and he came increasingly interested in Knight Gabe Alkorda, a prime example of a great and dedicated Jedi Knight like he wished to become. It was not long after which that the two were paired in a Master and Apprentice relationship.

Wesley trained hard with his new Master, he completed many assignments, many tests, and did many things to further his training. Even in his Master’s absence he took it upon himself to train and learn new things on his own. But as is pattern in Wesley’s life, all good things come to an end, all too soon. Nearing the end of this long relationship with his Master… Wesley began to stray from his path, becoming bored and upset with his Masters training.

His arrogance pushing him to a point and thought feeling better and more skilled than his own Mentor. Of course as it custom in such an obvious stereotype among Jedi Students, such feelings could not be allowed to pass. After being pressured into changing his behavior by both his Mentor and The Jedi Council, Wesley began to see the error of his ways and left the order no-longer seeing himself as Jedi-Material.

Ten years later, after a gripping set of events and his own brush with love and loss Wesley returned to the JEDI temple. Broken, Emotionless, and constantly drowned in misery but covered up with alcoholism and drug usage. After having some sense ‘beaten’ into him by his former mentor and cleaning up a bit, Wesley began to regain some of his lost composure.

Having dealt with such struggles and multiple trials of a Jedi Wesley was Knighted. A long series of events of hardships, misery, depression, and darkness Wesley had achieved what he had set out to do only he had forgotten one little thing….

Passing on his teachings to many to come.

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