JEDI HoloNet

Vuren Nilim

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Anya

Species: Twi'lek


Born Vuren’ilim on Ryloth to a wealthy family in a villa on the upper levels of a Mountain City. His mother died shortly after birth. Vuren’ilim was tested for force-sensitivity using traditional methods early on in life, but his father, being a wealthy, and rather portly trader on Ryloth bribed the discovery “away” to keep his only son.

Over the years Vuren’ilim was treated kindly and heartwarmingly by his father, he lived a rather privileged life, with servants and personal tutors. He received as much of a scholarly education as his age could allow. He didn’t have to survive as did others on Ryloth’s harsh environment.

About a decade of Vuren’s life in, a seeker of the Jedi Order came to Ryloth searching for force-sensitives. Doing so he came across yet more proof of slave trade on Ryloth, but even more than that, the one who was selling them, who just so happened to be Vuren’ilim’s father, which he quickly recorded to request actions to be taken later on. He deceptively used the expected hospitality which the wealthy twi’lek could provide to get himself invited as a guest in his household. Whilst trying to find more information on him, the seeker came across Vuren Nilim, sensing something more about him.

Having found what he originally came for and then some, he offered to the child the possibility to come with him to the Jedi. Before Vuren could say much, his father stepped in furious at the impertinence of the jedi. The seeker simply played the holorecording back for the two twi’leks to see. The father claimed the holorecording as doctored in desperation. As for the son, he was shocked, clearly oblivious to what his father had been doing. He was thinking about the jedi’s proposition then hesitantly followed him to his ship, his father having no power to stop him from leaving, only begged.