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Vular Senesid

Homeworld: Bakura

Mentor(s): Averis Undalan

Species: Aquar

Padawan(s): Benn Kalee, Menda Qorfu, Hantar Ginsoun, Oopal Formale, Anto Pinser, Merie Jeanor, Yela Maiz, Rinne'selen'omare


* Note – This biography was created from an out of character (OOC) point of view.

Vular Senesid was born on 165.27 ABY on the Outer Rim planet of Bakura to a loving family. He was the third child formed from his parents’ loins, and for the time with them was loved on equal standing with his two older sisters. This time of his history is short, as Senesid was discovered at the age of three to have a high concentration of midi-chlorians, and was thus requested to become part of the Jedi Order situated on Coruscant. Saddened, yet still very loyal and supportive of the Order and its ways, his parents gave him away with all the proper blessings. They would go on to have two more children, the youngest of which becoming a Jedi herself.

Senesid became quickly acclimated to the ways of a Jedi student, as the sponge-like absorption of his brain took in the basic standards and practices with ease. During his studies as a child, he would usually be marked for his high aptitude, though at the same time regarded for his impish tendencies to tease other students. He would eventually abandon that trait however, as though he was young, he began to grasp the starting sense of maturity.

At the age of seven, Senesid was taken as the Padawan Learner of Averis Undalan, a hale Human male regarded for his talent with the lightsaber, and also his vocal disagreements with the Jedi Council among his peers. Senesid’s training was very homogeneous, as he was slowly carved into a strong warrior under the intense eyes of his Master. When he was not being pummeled in spars, he took the time to study physical manipulations of the Force, despite often being too untrained to perform the feats. The liberal arts of history and language were barely touched over the standard minimum of required focus.

At the age of seventeen, he was now a young man, and understood to either be on-par with his Master or conservatively superior to him in strict lightsaber combat. Though by all accounts a poorly-rounded Jedi, his practices in combat within the context of the Jedi Arts were superb, which luckily suited him well in his Trial. Originally sent as a mediator of a minor armed dispute between two Outer Rim worlds, violence erupted unexpectedly from a third party, which set off a signal to Senesid’s brain to destroy all opposition. Intended to disrupt the talks and keep the war going, the hired arms were quickly killed by Senesid in a matter of moments. Following what can only be described as a slaughter, Senesid was able to trace the mercenaries to a weapons manufacturer who was profiting from the small war, and subsequently arrested him. With the brief war over, Senesid was heralded as a hero by most, though as a savage by the few diplomats who witnessed the killing of the hired soldiers. Vular Senesid was Knighted two days after returning to Coruscant.

Wasting no time in productivity, he took Benn Kalee, a brute Human male, as his first Padawan Learner. The boy displayed the genetic traits of strength, much like Senesid, though a poor natural aptitude for academics, even in the lowered eyes of his Master. After two frustrating years, Senesid dismissed Kalee from his mentorship, which directly preceded the departure of Kalee from the Jedi Temple. His mutilated body was found six days later on the lower levels of Coruscant, robbed of all humble possessions. Senesid was remorseful, albeit in brief fashion.

With a warrior’s apathy returning to him, he took a female Aquar named Menda Qorfu as his second apprentice. Senesid was disappointed to to find that Qorfu was a terrible saberist, although her talents with understanding the spiritual aspects of the Force were quite above-average. A tedious studier of history and diplomacy, she was effectively the antithesis of her Master, though she respected him greatly for his abilities in the more physical areas. Senesid would extend a facade of pride for his apprentice, as he furtively looked upon her with disappointment. Much to her own doing, she was eventually Knighted, correlating with Senesid’s recognition as a Jedi Master.

In next fifty years, Senesid took five more Padawan Learners, all of whom were successfully Knighted, though none of them garnered full pride and respect from Senesid. Instead, his personal history during this time was much more engaging. As time passed, he began to think of himself as a dominating figure of the Order. Powerful, heroic, unmatched by any member of the Council in terms of strength, he felt that he was destined to rule over the other Jedi, who were seen more as subordinates rather than the next of kin. He would often manipulate members of the Council at every instance in order to think of him as one who would eventually have a seat in the chamber. As stated before, these men and women were weaker in terms of power, but also mightily superior in terms of wisdom and understanding. Well-aware of his ploys, they all eventually avoided Senesid, which led him to eventually berate them as opposed to massaging their minds. His prior indifference to the Jedi Council evolved into a strict disgust, as he grew closer to the feelings of his old Master. After the Knighting of his apprentice Yela Maiz, Vular Senesid resigned from the Jedi Order.

During his time away, Senesid spent much time traveling the nooks and crannies of the wide Galaxy, meeting new people, gaining new experiences and perceptions along the way. Slowly, Senesid began to realize the error of his past ways, as his arrogance was calmed into humility. While he still took pride in his physical abilities, he sought to broaden his knowledge in the areas he lacked for so long. Senesid was eventually transformed into a true Jedi Master, not just one in title.

However, before he would find the incentive to return to the Order, Senesid plunged himself into the depths of esoteric negativity. In his quest for knowledge, Senesid learned the ways of the Dark Side from hidden holocrons scattered across the Outer Rim. Though he did not fall into a complete lack of control, the Light within him battled with the new influx of power in a constant struggle. As a result, Senesid retained the tranquility he gained in his early travels, but also became extremely powerful in the darker aspects of the Force. After four years, Vular Senesid returned to Coruscant and requested reinstatement as a Jedi Master. His dark presence hidden to even the wise members of the Council, he was indeed welcomed back, much in part to his prior seniority with the Order.

Once back, he had an agenda to put into action. He desired, above all things, to find his perfect apprentice that had eluded him for so long. One who had great potential in all aspects, an intelligent and strong individual who could one day rise and change the Jedi Order for the better– to bring the Dark Side into play, thus bringing a perceived balance and a lost strength back to the ancient institution. Finding himself too old to perform such a feat himself, he would place all his chips on this perfect individual. He would be Rinne’selen’omare.

A tall Chiss for his age, Eseleno stood above his peers, both in height and ability. Intelligent, and displaying a natural talent in combative techniques, he was the desired apprentice of all available Jedi Knights. However, no prospective mentors were as determined to train him as Senesid, as he eventually won out. With the talented Chiss within his hands, Senesid did well in training him in a very well-rounded fashion. While at the Jedi Temple, Eseleno would learn of galactic history, defensive Force techniques, and various languages. Outside of it and within an uncharted portion of space, he was vigorously trained in lightsaber combat and the dark, offensive techniques of the Force. Stressing the importance of balance between the distinct aspects of the Force, Eseleno was formed into a very unique student of the Grand Mystery. Incredibly, Eseleno was able to handle the contrasts of learned abilities, and indeed kept the outside training with his Master secret to everyone that he knew.

As Eseleno’s training started to come to a close, Senesid would reveal to his apprentice his ultimate destiny to go on and lead the Jedi Order as the start of a new generation. Now a wise and powerful young man, Eseleno took the burden with quick acceptance. As his final test, Senesid arranged for Eseleno to save a distressed child from a hired kidnapper. He instructed his apprentice to disarm any assailants that would be found and to keep him and the child at bay.

Completing the task with ease, Eseleno was seen with his lightsaber pointed at the throat of the fake kidnapper with a small girl frightened on the opposite side of the room as he contacted his Master. Almost instantly, Senesid entered the secluded area and congratulated his apprentice on the task. Following, he commanded his apprentice to kill the perceived criminal. Wise for his age, Eseleno expected such a thing to be natural, as he smirked at the predictability of his Master before ending the life of the man in front of him. Congratulated again, Senesid then turned to the extremely horrified girl and commanded Eseleno to kill her as well. Shocked by this, Eseleno had expected the lesson of balance to coincide with compassion and murder, rather than the conjunction of murder and sickness. Conflicted, but also wary of the possible effects of him refusing to kill the girl, he dulled all his senses and killed the innocent child.

Senesid was pleased with his apprentice. He felt that he had to see Eseleno’s strength in being able to break the lessons of balance that he was taught in order to in turn teach him the final lesson that one must break the straight line when necessary. Believing Eseleno to be stronger than ever, they returned to Coruscant where he would request the Knighting of his apprentice. Unknown to him however, this sadistic act had affected Eseleno greatly, so much that all the years of training in both the Dark and Light became diluted. Eseleno had effectively purged himself of a significant fraction of the darkness within him after detesting his murder of the girl. His destiny as the reforming leader of the Jedi Order was completely abandoned.

After swiftly lying his way into telling the Jedi Council of a false deed of heroism performed by his apprentice, Eseleno was made a Jedi Knight right then and there. Following some parting words, the old and decrepit Vular Senesid respectfully retired from the Jedi Order. He began a final journey across the Galaxy with a sense of accomplishment in the form of his perfect apprentice, even though secretly he was now far from that. Enjoying the fruits of pleasure and peace, Senesid eventually lost the dark thoughts within him as his ambition slowly evacuated itself from his heart. Vular Senesid eventually became One with the Force at the Jedi Praxeum of Yavin IV, where he spent his last days looking upon the likes of Jedi that would eventually be changed by his wise and great apprentice. He died in blissful ignorance.

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