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Vrai Dasaed

Vrai Dasaed
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Umbara

Mentor(s): Ilesar Saedrin

Species: Umbaran

Padawan(s): N/A


Born on the shadowy planet of Umbara, Vrai lived a decent early life living with his parents around the fiftieth level of the caste system. Vrai’s father often planned and carried out plots in order to ascend higher into the caste system. These plots often involved anything from theft, blackmailing, and extortion to espionage and assassinations. Vrai’s mother did not get involved with such things and was usually found at home, taking care of their only child. When Vrai was around seven years old the family had ascended to the twenty-sixth level of the caste. Still not pleased with his position, Vrai’s father plotted a plan to blackmail an individual of higher stature in order to secure a location high up in the system. This did not go according to plan. Before he could do as he intended, others discovered his plans. A warrant went out for his immediate arrest. Imprisonment would almost certainly cause the remaining family members to be moved down in the caste system. Not willing to let his family live in shame and the filth of the lower levels he made a daring attempt to leave the planet. With the help of some old contacts he was supplied with a small ship and managed to leave the planet with his wife and child.

While moving through the heavily ultraviolet radiated ghost nebula the ship suffered a small mechanical failure to the shielding, causing the ship and all aboard to be exposed to this radiation.
Due to the natural immunity of the Ubaran species to radiation, those aboard were not affected and the whole situation went relatively unnoticed minus the brief shield failure. The trio set course for the planet Velmor. It wasn’t long before they arrived and made their approach to of the hanger bays. As they landed, scanners picked up on the radiation signatures and that specific hanger bay was locked down and all those aboard forced to stay put. The dock authorities checked the ships ID and it turned out to have been involved in various criminal activities. Local authorities were alerted and both the mother and father were arrested. The child was placed under temporary care of a local daycare. Both parents were accused of involvement with said criminal activities and were imprisoned for the time being to await trial. Through contact with Umbaran officials the father was transferred back to Umbara. It’s unclear what happened to him at that point.

Meanwhile, the child in the daycare was a handful. Other children were afraid of his appearance, and his behavior was cause for concern, as he was showing signs of the Umbaran natural abilities. It was decided that the Jedi would be more successful with handling the child and he was sent to the Ossus temple in the nearby Adega system. It took a while for the investigation to conclude, but the mother was eventually released. Meanwhile in the Jedi temple on Ossus, Vrai’s force sensitivity was recognized and despite the few issues in his behavior he was initiated at the age of seven, confident that the Jedi training would alter any misbehavior. Vrai’s mother was informed and she realized this would most likely mean a better life for her son and thus she accepted it. Where she went from there is also unknown.

Vrai was far from being a role model for others. Even though he was still young, the influence of his people was noticeable in his behavior. He would often attempt to mislead those around him in conversation and other forms of social interaction; he was however, a capable student. While the Masters of the temple could easily tell whether he was being truthful or not, other students had trouble determining his true thoughts or intentions. This did however not mean he was a bad person, it was just in his nature and lacked the training to know better, and luckily the other students and Masters recognized this. They accepted him for what he was, and as time passed and the teachings started to sink in this behavior would slowly decrease. Vrai was an initiate for a considerable time because of this though.

When Vrai was 13, a Knight by the name of Ilesar Saedrin took Vrai as his Padawan learner. While this did not solve his behavior right away, this was a turning point for Vrai. Through the years and under the strict tutorage of his Master, everyone around him started to notice a change in him. Instead of being limited by his nature, Vrai managed to use it to his advantage as he learned more about the Jedi ways. Together with his Master, Vrai experienced the galaxy for what it was and stands for. A few years into his training, tragedy struck the galaxy as the war broke out and the Mandalorians attacked. It wasn’t long before Ossus became a target for the Mandalorians. Whether or not they thought they were lucky or not, Vrai and his Master were off world at the time of the event. They were on their way back when they received the transition from Jedi Master Valon Estai.
There was no second thought; they could not risk returning as any attempt to help would be in vain. They turned the ship around and headed for the Jedi temple on Coruscant. Vrai struggled with the fact that many if not most of his Jedi brother and sisters perished, wondering why the force gave him the opportunity to carry on and not the next. It took some time for his Master to talk sense into him, but he eventually accepted it, it even gave him the drive to work even harder.

Knight Saedrin allowed Vrai to enter the war effort with him along his side, and they participated in various missions with the coalition. While not every mission was a big success, both Jedi and the troopers they served with found respect for one another. In between the missions the pair continued to train and the potential that Ilesar Saedrin saw years ago was finally showing in Vrai’s performance, both in training and in the field. The pair was given a task by the coalition to infiltrate and disable a remote Chiss communications array, and at the same time capture the commander present there alive. Accompanied by a small squad of soldiers the pair landed some distance away from the base. Unlike they expected they met zero resistance along the way to the array. There was only one way in, through the front door. A fight broke out as the strike team managed to enter the base. They eventually reached the arrays control room, placing charges along the way. The engineer quickly got to work to disable the array. Meanwhile, Vrai tried to locate the commander using the camera feeds.

The cameras did not find the commander; they did however reveal holding cells. A closer inspection revealed that there were people locked up of mixed species, including other Chiss. Vrai informed his Master, who in turn said there was not enough time to find both the commander and get the people to safety before the charges would go off. Vrai was offered a choice; find the commander or get the civilians to safety. Vrai choose to get the civilians to safety as several of the early charges went off. The base shook as alarms rang. Vrai rushed to the holding cells as his Master went in search of the still missing commander. He located the cells and released the captives before escorting them outside as the base was slowly blowing up around them as the timed charges went off. Once Vrai arrived outside it wasn’t long before the remaining charges went off, leaving little but rubble and destruction behind. Fearing the worst for his Master, Vrai fought the urge to return to search for him as a Chiss shuttle swooped down overhead. Deciding in an instant, he told the civilians to follow him to the shuttle. As they arrived at the shuttle he found his Master waiting there with the captured commander next to him on his knees on the ground. They quickly left the planet with little time to spare as the Chiss soldiers neared their position.

Once back on Coruscant, Vrai and Master Saedrin made their reports. It wasn’t long after that Vrai was called by the council. They discussed the report and reviewed his performance and choices through the past few months and even years, for both the order and the coalition. It was that day that Vrai was allowed to enter the ranks of the Jedi Knights. Knight Dasaed continued to aid in the war effort as a commander for as long as the war carried on. Once the war concluded Vrai had some trouble adjusting to the rhythm of life in the temple now that peace had returned again. He assisted the coalition in stopping any remaining forces or any remaining rebellious groups, but that too eventually came to an end. In order to adjust properly and fill the role he was recently given as a knight, Vrai requested a transfer to the Jedi Enclave on Alzoc III. His request was granted and he soon made the trip to the cold and icy planet of Alzoc III.