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Voth Ahkrin

Voth Ahkrin
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Barab I

Mentor(s): Ametha Tasia

Species: Barabel


Voth was hatched on 288.17, to Sesru Ahkrin. Due to Barabel mating customs, Voth’s father was unaware as to which of the newly hatched Barabel’s were his, Voth took his surname from his mother, Sesru.

Growing up in the nomadic life of the Barabel, Voth would constantly try and prove himself to his fellow hatchmates, by engaging in fights. While Barabel scales would allow the young Barabel to take more punishment in these fights, the desired outcome did not always come to Voth’s favour. From a young age, Voth would join in on his clans hunts, watching how the adult Barabel. Through this uncommon patience, he learned how to be one of the best hunters from his hatchmates. This would lend him the nickname “the Claw”, by his clan leader, showing great skill.

Voth’s life would forever change when a sickness broke out among his clan, killing a thousand of their population. Outsiders attempting to hunt the Barabel clan, launch cannisters of poisonous gas to incapacitate the Barabels. Galactic Alliance officials attempted to assist the clan, but were met with the same distrust as the hunters.

The likely arrival of a Jedi to Barab I, saved the lives of many of Voth’s clan, including that of his mother. This Jedi to the rest of the Order, was a skilled Healer, and attempted to treat as many of the sick as he could. Barabel’s, known for their long memory, immediately trusted the Jedi. Voth, who’s mother was one of the infected, watched from a distance as this Jedi healed his mother.

Knowing he had gained respect from his clan leader, Voth set out to find the Jedi, hoping to gain his. Upon their first meeting, as the Jedi was about to leave, he introduced himself as Coren Ran, a Jedi Knight. Coren had noticed the young Barabel watching him healing his mother from afar, showing patience rather then aggression, since Voth clearly had no idea his mother was being healed, until Coren stopped.

With this in mind, Coren stook out his hand, offering it to the young Barabel, asking him if he would like to come to his former home, to be taught the ways of the Jedi.

Voth, fascinated by the Jedi, took his hand, and boarded the shuttle, bound for Alzoc 3.