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Vos Desu

Vos Desu
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Endor

Mentor(s): Axem Keigoku

Species: Mirialan

Padawan(s): Gantories, Rayn Tri


Due to his upringing in the Desu tribe, Vos Desu was specifically well in-tune with animals, plants, trees, and other parts of nature. Though not very good with some modern technology, Vos was a leading one in Diplomacy often sent to calm high crisis.


Vos Desu, birth name unknown, a Mirilian orphaned and brought to the forest moon of Endor before he could remember, to a very small group of woodland people known as the Desu tribe. Vos, as he was called amongst the tribe, grew up having dreams of having the ability to float rocks and other objects around, even small spheres of water, but always woke up disappointed in finding that they were only dreams. The Tribe lived reclusively away from most other settled life of the galaxy on the forest moon of Endor. They were a gentle peaceful group of people that believed in honoring nature. one day as Vos was away from his home wandering the woods he heard voices in his head as if all the trees and creatures were speaking to him, “RUN HOME TROUBLE AT HOME! RUN!.” He ran back to his foster tribe’s place in the woods only to find it smoldering ruined after suffering an attack by a group of unidentifiable soldiers. Vos a scared young boy witnessed the event. not knowing what to do, he fled as far away as he could as he did not want to be seen by these frightning creatures. When he returned many hours later there was nothing left but ash and the tribe’s name, as a faint echo in his conscious. This was a very dangerous time for Vos he felt as if there was nothing left. He wanted only to end his life, and only to stop all the anger and fear he had inside himself against this unknown threat that destroyed his family. He lay there on the forest floor half breathing, wishing away his life, and just then he heard that voice again…

“It is not over for you, there is still much you have yet to learn, the passing on of your tribe was the first of many life lessons you will face. you must learn the ways of the Force, the ways of the universe. return to the place you were born, and you will find the answers you seek, the dreams of your past are but a foreshadow for a greater reality that lies before you”

This voice in his mind was a shred of hope that kept him going, but only too soon after the events, a giant grey bird flew down from the sky swallowing vos and lifted him high up above the treetops and high above the sky. Vos lying there fearing that he has been eaten alive, noticed a group of soldiers surrounding him within the great bird. With their weapons they seemed almost similar to the group who killed his people. They began to speak to him in an unknown language. Somehow Vos felt like he could understand the intention of the thoughts their words masked and was not as scared as his body felt like it should have been, though their harsh tone was hardly all the evidence he needed to know he was in trouble.

The soldiers did not harm him, they however let him rest his spinning head.

Later on as Vos awoke from his dreamless sleep one of the people came to him, very different from the others, an Ithorian by the name of Andor, peaceful and gentle in appearance dressed nothing like the soldiers, and spoke in a calming soothing voice Vos was able to understand. He spoke of the tribe and the soldiers that came down, as a malicious group of Rodian hunters jumping from system to system intent on destroying innocent small groups of what they considered savages, for sport. His tribe being targeted. Andor apologized to Vos for his harsh speaking soldiers and explained that they were the only people he could find willing enough to take on this task. He explained that he was from a group of people opposing the hunting. He had come to bring Vos to safety and to a place far away from this sort of activity, to a vast city planet known as Coruscant.

Upon his arrival to this vaguely familiar great city planet Andor brought him to Two robed characters, apparently waiting for… ‘something’. They sat with him in the lower levels, talking about something Vos couldn’t follow exactly, something called, “The Force.” They also told him he had it within him, even if Vos had doubts and confusion, something felt right about this. In further explanation it sounded all too familiar to that of the teachings the elders of the Desu spoke of. Andor wished him well, and informed him that he would remain in contact, and that these men would keep him safe, as he disappeared into the crowd.

The men brought him before the Jedi Council and After a short time, the child became a Padawan of the Jedi Order and studied the ways of the Force at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. His training was deep and full of adventures and experience, wich gave another taste of life to Vos Desu, as he was later called in homage to the tribe he once called home. Since the Desu were mostly self-contained and isolated from space travel, he was new to visiting worlds and learning from those in other systems. He knew now Andor was wise in bringing him before the Jedi. This was the right place for him, all too similar in teachings to those of the elders from his tribe, it was only natural he felt at home at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

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