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Voh Phaar

Voh Phaar
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Wen Ordo, Jerex Sol

Species: Nautolan

Padawan(s): Nodo Salar, Sadjoo Hawieedu


Voh Phaar is someone that lived for the thrill of the wind in his tendrils. Which paled in comparison to the thrills and joy he brought to those who knew him. A man who lived his life with the pedal firmly on the floor, his wit, charm and ability to laugh at himself meant he could smile and joke his way out of anything, from a tense stand-off in a cantina through to getting out yet another speeding ticket. A skilled artisan and mechanic in his own right, he was always prepared to give anyone a helping hand or ride, just excuse all the empty blue milk cartons in the glove box.


Voh Phaar was born on Glee Anselm around 330.18 ABY. His parents both worked on manufacturing medicine and researching it, they had a reasonable amount of money allowing Voh to be able to go to school. He very much enjoyed meeting people and researching about the galaxy, and all its species at one point he thought that he would be an adventurer and explore the entire galaxy.

Upon the age of four, his father supposedly went missing leaving behind everything; and no trace of kidnapping or leaving. He just disappeared, Voh took great thought into finding his father but there was no hope in doing so. A few months past until a message had arrived to Voh’s mother; she did not tell him what it said, staring blankly at it and then deleting it. Even to this day, she dares not to show Voh what was sent on that message. Voh grew up learning about space and different species, his mother continued her medical research until Voh took great notice into what she was doing with her work. He began reading up on medicine and how it works, he spent most his days reading.

Voh had many friends from school, some laughed at how much he read. So they constantly attempted to get him out to play with them in the water, eventually he did so and went out with them. They swam for a straight 15 minutes out into the ocean, until finding a nice spot to play hide and seek. Voh enjoyed his time out with his friends and took it upon himself to go with them a lot more frequently.

He had continued his basic studies at his school, to the age of 10. At this age him and his friends did not go and play hide and seek no more, they just explored out into the ocean until they had to be back home. Until one day, they was deep into a cove under the sea, and large flash of light surges above them then crashes into the water plunging down a few feet in front of them. Instantly they all began to swim away including Voh, but he turned back and noticed it was a ship with a man inside it. His instincts clicked and he began to swim directly towards the sinking ship. Voh dived onto the side of the ship, opening the door with ease, then entering and heading straight for the cockpit which at this time was rapidly filling up with water. He tugged on the unconscious man attempting to wake him up, but he did not respond so, Voh removes the man from his seat dragging him out of the cockpit and out of the ship into the ocean heading directly for the surface saving the man.

Upon heading back to the city of Pieralos where Voh lived, he took the man to his mother who had extensive medical training. Voh had saved the man’s life. Once the man had regained consciousness he thanked Voh deeply, then revealing his identity; he was a Jedi Watchman of the Jedi Order. Voh asked the man what this meant and after many hours of discussing, the Jedi asked Voh for a blood sample. After a few more hours of discussing with Voh and his mother, she agreed to allow Voh to go to Rannon.