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Vlihu Civuq

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ilum (Adopted)

Species: Vahla


Vlihu Civuq was born in a spaceport on Chardaan on 348 ABY. For the early years of his life he and his parents immigrated system to system along the Hydian Way in an attempt to escape from the fighting of the Imperium War. After the war ended, his family then migrated to Ilum to remain closer to the newly founded Temple in hopes of finding security and a home to keep.

Whilst in his younger years, the Jedi Order discovered the force-sensitivity of Vlihu. His parents proudly released him into the care of the Order, for assurance of security and the promise of a better; purposeful life in the Jedi Order. Vlihu trained in the Ilum Temple under the tutelage of a Nautolan Jedi Master by the name of Yan Rakuac. For eleven years Vlihu received enduring training with a lightsaber, alongside specializing his skills in investigation and strengthening his internal connection to the Living Force. Master Rakuac had taught him all he knew and believed he was ready to face his Trials. It was time to leave him with the wisdom of the Council. However, during one of their last assignments on the lower levels of Coruscant, an investigation following the distribution of illegal weapons resulted in the death of his Master.

The Jedi Council of Ilum believed the Force was presenting Vlihu the challenge of the Trial of Spirit. The Council conceded that the combined separation of his Master alongside a transfer to an entirely new Praxeum would cause Vlihu to struggle in the face of this challenge. This final test would either make or break him, granting him the privilege of rising up to the rank of Jedi Knight. He was transferred to the Yavin IV Praxeum to complete his Trial.