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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Wild Space

Species: Zeltron/Firrerreon


Vis was born on a ship to a Firrerreon father and a Zeltron mother. The family worked in transporting goods, and they specialized in special deliveries. However, they had the misfortune to be in Wild Space during the war with the Wyld. Their ship was attacked when Vis was three. The intent had been to commandeer the ship and it’s crew for slave labor. Vis and their parents were captured, and when it was discovered the young child was force sensitive, the Wyld warriors decided they would separate the child from their parents. Vis’ parents heavily fought back and would wind up being slain in their desperate attempt to get to their child.

After that, the ship Vis had grown up became a prison of sorts as the Wyld used the ship to begin transporting them to be trained and indoctrinated. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the ship had also been the target of another. A mercenary from Hutt Space, Sol, had taken a job to steal a valuable piece of technology being transported by the ship. When Sol arrived she found the Wyld and the child. Thankfully, specializing in stealth, the mercenary was able to take Vis from the ship- along with the cargo she had gone for in the first place- without raising much alert.

Sol took Vis to Hutt Space with her, where the unfortunate child became somewhat of a surrogate child to her. There was an issue, however. Vis didn’t have a proper name. Their father had not told them their name due to the Firrerreon culture of believing names held power. So, he had decided not to tell his child their name until they were old enough to keep it safe. As such, Sol would be the one to give Vis a proper name.

Vis and Sol traveled through Hutt Space for four years together. Sol’s primary work as a mercenary exposed Vis to some darker things- specifically bounty work. However, Sol did ensure Vis was never harmed or fully exposed. The woman took a pragmatic approach to raising the child, but she did care for them. Throughout their travels, Sol took notice of Vis’ talent in the force and eventually made the decision to take them to the Jedi. This decision was partially influenced by how the intensity of the war was increasing.

At the age of seven, Sol brought Vis to the Taloraan Edifice to be properly trained. Vis would be initiated at the Edifice, and there they spent a lot of their time honing basics and studying. At a certain point, they even discovered that Sol had been a Padawan that spent time at the Edifice as well- even helping when it was first built. After a year Vis was taken as a padawan by a Master Fey, someone who actually knew Sol. Master Fey was a weapons specialist that was very militaristic. He had fought in several wars, including Vohai and the Imperium. As a seasoned warrior, he taught Vis in much of the same way.

Master Fey was a very strict master to his core, and Vis themselves were very free spirited and somewhat mischievous. As a result, they often clashed in odd ways, but they worked well together. He focused on the basics of the force and what not for the most part during Vis’ training. As the Wyld War raged, Master Fey would go out to help with distress calls often. At times he took his young Padawan- but only when with another Knight. It was during one of these distress calls that Master Fey would be killed, and Vis would be taken by the Knight back to the Edifice alone.

The death of their master left Vis visibly shaken, but they seemed determined to stay on the path of the Jedi. After several months, it was decided that Vis would be transferred to the Rannon Temple in an attempt to give the Padawan a fresh start.