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Virea Leosha


Homeworld: Hapes

Species: Human-Zeltron


When Virea was born, her mother Odryth had a noble bloodline and lived in relative isolation on the planet Hapes. She barely knew any other children and spent most of her childhood daydreaming about life outside of Hapes. Even in the safety under the skies of Hapes, far from the threats of the Wyld Empire, she always imagined herself exploring different star systems by journeying off-world. Her mother would tell her stories about great heroes, villains, glorious victories, and terrible wars. These stories inspired Virea to dream even more vividly about traveling off-world and experiencing everything that life has to offer.

Occasionally, a few strange visitors would come to the household of Virea. Sometimes an old man with a stern appearance and eyes filled with fatigue from wars he had fought came asking questions about her well-being. Another visitor, a Jedi Watchman named Seraph Kelthane, known for her empathetic nature and strong sense of diplomacy, would occasionally grace them with her presence. Virea wasn’t present during these events; she always remained away, watching from afar.

One day, she disobeyed her mother’s wishes and hid on the property. It was during that visit when the old man scared Virea senseless with his strange inquiries about her mother, questioning her well-being and happiness. Believing herself hidden, Virea was taken aback as the old man looked into her eyes, seemingly aware of her presence. Fearing for her child’s safety, Odryth stood between Virea and the old man, whom she called Olor, resulting in a small altercation. However, Virea summoned her courage and intervened, pushing the man away with an unexpected strength that defied her frail physique. The room was left in disarray as furniture toppled during his hasty retreat.

Recognizing the true potential and heritage within the girl, Olor, inspired by Virea’s display of power, sought the assistance of Jedi Watchman Seraph Kelthane. Known for her empathetic nature and diplomatic skills, Seraph arrived to offer guidance and understanding. In her gentle presence, grief found solace, and the weight of the world seemed to lift.
Odryth and Seraph engaged in a long, private conversation, talking eye-to-eye as hours slipped away in their exchange. It was during this conversation that Odryth shared fragments of the stories she had heard about her father, a Jedi Knight, pilot, and decorated war hero who had perished a decade ago. She spoke of the legends surrounding him, tales of his bravery and his unwavering dedication to justice. Odryth’s voice trembled with emotion as she revealed that she had never met her father, only heard stories passed down through the words of Master Olor.

Seraph listened attentively, her empathetic gaze never leaving Odryth’s face. She understood the weight of Odryth’s words, the longing for a connection to a father she had never known. With gentle words, Seraph spoke of the Jedi Order’s teachings, how they embraced those with the potential to wield the Force and nurtured their abilities. She emphasized the opportunity for Virea to uncover her own legacy, to walk a path that honored her father’s memory and carried on his noble spirit.
Touched by Seraph’s understanding and the possibility of Virea finding her place within the Jedi Order, Odryth’s heart swelled with both sorrow and hope. She realized that allowing her daughter to embark on this journey would not only fulfill Virea’s dreams but also provide a connection to the father Odryth had always longed to know. With a mixture of reluctance and determination, Odryth sat down with her daughter, one last time.

– Mommy, what’s happening? – Virea asked, her young voice filled with curiosity and innocence.
– My dear Angel, listen closely. This Jedi Master, Seraph, is here for a special reason. She has come to take you with her. – Odryth’s voice quivered slightly, struggling to contain her emotions.
– Take me? Where are we going? – Virea’s eyes widened with wonder and confusion.
Odryth’s eyes glistened with unshed tears, but she spoke with determination.
– Throughout your life, you’ve always wondered about our purpose here. I’ve kept a secret from you, my precious Virea Leosha. You possess a unique and extraordinary talent that I do not possess. You were born with the gift of the Force, a power that can lead you to accomplish great things.
– I don’t understand, mommy. What does it mean? – Virea tilted her head, trying to comprehend her mother’s words.
– My Angel, you remember the stories I’ve told you about the Jedi, their epic adventures, and their noble deeds? Seraph, this Jedi Master standing before us, can teach you their ways and guide you to become one of them.
– But…what about you, mommy? – Virea’s voice trembled with concern, her eyes searching her mother’s face.
– Look up at the stars, my sweet Virea. See how they twinkle and shine, inviting us to explore the vastness of the universe. Among those stars, I will always be watching over you, my little Angel. Please know that I love you more than words can express. – Odryth held Virea close, tears streaming down her cheeks, as they shared a heartfelt embrace, their connection unbreakable even in the face of separation.

Not long after, she arrived on Rannon.