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Vidra Stomi

High Councilor - Ilum High Councilor

Homeworld: Dorin

Species: Kel Dor


Vidra is known for his quiet demeanor, but few would describe him as distant. He’s a listener first and foremost and his words carry strong meaning when spoken. As a child he was known for having a taste for sweets, something that has carried with him into his older age; he’s often known for carrying a pocketful of sweets.


Vidra Stomi, is the youngest son of former Jedi Knight Ergo Stomi. Born in 306, on the planet Dorin, he grew up surrounded by Force users and politicians alike. At the age of four he was admitted into the Baran Do Temple in Dor’shan, quickly becoming skilled and knowledgeable in the Baran Do’s unique talents with the Force. At the age of fourteen, he moved to Ossus where he was taken as a Padawan under renown Master Jagen Brie. Vidra was a natural talent with the Force, quickly learning many basic abilities to levels beyond his age. At the age of twenty-five, 331 ABY, Master Brie dies when exposed to the plague, and Vidra Stomi is promoted to Jedi Knight. Two years after that, Stomi takes his first apprentice, a Twilek, Zholl Mavr. Vidra participates in several battles against the Imperium forces over the following years. 343 ABY, Zholl Mavr is promoted to Jedi Knight. Vidra is transferred to Ilum to assist with the rebuilding of the branch. 349 ABY, Vidra takes his second Padawan, a fellow Kel Dor named Jugo Koon. During this time, Knight Stomi works to rebuild relations with the Baran Do Sages, led by his older brother Ty Stomi. 355 ABY, Vidra Stomi is granted the title of Jedi Master, along with a residential seat on the Ilum Council.

361.03, Vidra is granted a seat on the Jedi High Council.

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