JEDI HoloNet

Vex’halia Barrok


Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek


Vex’halia was part of a slave colony. Bred and raised to work at dancers or work in the house of their masters. Born on the Twi’lek home planet of Ryloth, Vex only had a chance to experience the planet for only a few year before she was shipped away by her families master. Vex’halia found herself in the hands of a Human man named Antio Vannish. Antio was known for his short temper and erratic behavior. Trying to teach Vex how to present herself to clients were a hassle. Until one day Antio couldn’t deal with the child anymore. He decided to count his losses and abandon the child on the nearest planet and leave it in the farthest reaches of his mind. Wandering for a couple days, alone, Vex had come across a temple.

Wondering, wide eyed and amazed, where will this lead her?