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Vathius Krai

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Tatooine

Mentor(s): Jerex Sol

Species: Nagai


Vathius was born and raised on a moisture farm on the outskirts of Sirasiel, a remote Nagai colony on Tatooine.
At a young age, just shortly before he was to leave home to join the Sirasiel Academy for his formal education, he and his sister Fyliea were discovered to be Force-sensitive by a visiting Jedi, named Dorble. Ordinarily, identified Force-sensitive children would then be brought into the Jedi Order for training at that time. However, the Krai family was adamant that before their children could leave the community, they must complete the mandatory basic education dictated by the colony’s tradition and laws.

As a compromise between conflicting traditions, Dorble took it upon himself to visit Sirasiel regularly, on those times the two children were home from the Academy. At those times, he instructed them himself on few of Jedi traditions. Once both children had completed the mandatory part of their education, including passing their tests on the “Old Ways”, he was finally allowed to take them away to become Jedi.