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Vash Thorgun

Vash Thorgun
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Arbra

Mentor(s): Erue

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Ctathos, Varick Kondarr


Vash has amazing reflexes which allows him to wield a saber with great accuracy and efficiency. His abilities with a light saber is quite impressive for someone of such a young age. His constant search for knowledge, and his history of isolation from other beings, keeps him understated and sometimes quiet. However, Vash is a wise and powerful Jedi.


Jedi Master Erue, while on a diplomatic mission to the planet Arbra found Vash Thorgun living happily amongst the Hoojib. According to the Hoojib, they found Vash at a very young age living in the wild, so they took him in and protected him through his younger years. As Vash matured, the jungle environment of Arbra allowed Vash to fine tune his physical abilities and the Force sensitive Hoojib provided an outlet for Vash to be closer to the Force and its guidance. Master Erue sensed this connection with the the force and asked Vash if he would like to come with him to Coruscant. Of course Vash was a bit nervous not having been to any other planets, but agreed to follow. Master Erue knew the force was strong with this young human, but he was quite surprised to learn that Vash’s midichlorian count was unusually high. Without hesitation, Master Erue asked permission to train Vash as his apprentice. With Vash’s superb abilities, his training proceeded quite quickly and soon he passed his trials and became Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order.

Jedi Knight Vash Thorgun was returning to the temple late at night after doing a few local missions on Coruscant, and he was stopped by a droid. The droid told Vash that he could not enter the temple. Astonished and appalled by this, Vash demanded an explanation. The droid explained that two trouble makers entered the temple and were causing a lot of trouble and mischief. Knight Dixo Xan was placed in charge after master Erue and master Vos Desu were on leave. Dixo saw the trouble makers and banned them from the temple by the security. Interestingly, one of the troublemakers had a description exactly the same as Knight Thorgun’s, so the droid security was not able to tell the difference. Knight Dixo Xan tried to disable the security to allow Vash in, but only a Jedi Master is able to do this. So, during this time Vash decided to make the most of his temporary leave and go to his home planet Arbra to see if he cannot find out more information about his past. Vash explained to Knight Dixo Xan what he was going to do and Dixo agreed and had a ship prepared to meet Vash outside the temple for his travels.

When Vash arrived at Arbra he was met by the Hoojibs, and at first Vash was surprised to sense their fear, but after a few seconds the Hoojib’s spirit lifted and were very happy to see him. During the first couple days of his stay Vash enjoyed the serenity of his surroundings and explained his adventures to become a Jedi Knight. The Hoojibs were very pleased to see how well Vash turned out and was pleased to have him back visiting their planet. After those couple days Vash needed to ask about his past to see if the Hoojibs were hiding something from him or not. So, Vash asked the same question he asked when he was a kid, “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?” The Hoojibs gave him the same answer they had given him many times before, which was that they found him, named him Vash Thorgun, and then raised him. The Hoojibs maintained that is all that they knew. However, Vash’s well trained senses could feel that they were lying after, they knew more. When Vash explained that he knew that they were lying to him and asked for the truth, the Hoojibs became on edge and were not comfortable in their current situation. Vash was not pleased by this reaction and demanded that he was told about his past. The chief Hoojib told everyone to settle down and said it was time for Vash’s past to be revealed…

This story’s history is as far back as the days of the Galactic Civil War. The Hoojibs were very peaceful creatures because they were able to get rid of their negative emotions. They created a force field in a cavern which was the entrance into the old civilization of Arbra. Inside this cavern, blocked by the force field, the Hoojib were able to place their dark emotions. After a while these emotions formed a creature called the Darker. The Darker was a green lizard type creature which was full of the evil. Well, during the Civil War R2D2 was exploring and heard cries of distress in this cavern, so he decided to investigate. Two Hoojibs saw R2D2 go into the cavern and decided to tell C3PO and Chewbacca about what happened. So, the two Hoojibs, C3PO and Chewbacca went into this cavern to investigate. They saw a huge abandoned underground city, and they eventually found R2D2 stuck up against the wall. The Darker appeared and filled Chewbacca with rage to attack C3PO, but Chewbacca hit a wall which caused him to be buried in bricks. C3PO escaped to R2D2 to try to help him escape. While C3PO is helping R2D2, Chewbacca gets free and R2D2 tells Chewbacca about the good old times to try to get Chewbacca to snap out of it. It works and R2D2 tells Chewbacca that the Darker can be destroyed by throwing him into the force field. Chewbacca gathered himself together and threw the creature into the force field destroying the creature and causing the city to crumble.

Many many years after this the Hoojibs were exploring the ruins of the city when they came across a living creature that they did not notice before. It didn’t seem much of anything except a living blob. They took this to the chief Hoojib and he had a theory that this must be the same stuff that the Darker was eventually created by. It seemed as if the Hoojibs had been giving their dark-side to the cavern for so long, they had been continuing to do it subconsciously. The chief Hoojibs first instinct was to figure out a way to destroy it, but then he thought if it could work for the dark-side, then maybe it could work for the light-side as well. So instead of feeding this creature dark-side it fed it light-side, and eventually to their surprise the creature turned into a human type form, which eventually was known as Vash Thorgun.

Vash Thorgun was speechless, but then became worried. The chief asked why the sudden fear that was present in him. Vash explained earlier that there was someone in the temple causing trouble that looked very similar to his figure, so similar that the droids could not tell them apart. The chief thought and feared that maybe there were more creatures like him that were in that cave, but were not discovered. And if so, than these creatures probably were filled with the dark-side of the Force. Vash decided that his visit was over and it was time to confront the Council about this new problem that had recently come to pass…

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