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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ilum

Mentor(s): Kasin Solus

Species: Chiss

Padawan(s): Metan Nivaul


Unlike most Chiss, Alkoris was an exile and not one by choice, he was born into his family. Generations before Alkoris was born, a member of his family line was in exiled, and caused the entire family line to be exiled in turn.

He was a bright child, his intelligence continued to sprout during his time becoming a young adult. Though around the age of seven, particular traits began to become apparent to his family members, odd factors. It wasn’t difficult for them to notice his Force-sensitivity as they had in fact all studied the phenomena themselves. He was sent away, to Ilum.

The Chiss was shortly taken on by Kasin Solus, an old Mirialan. The man taught Alkoris everything he would come to know, until there was no more for him to teach. Alkoris began to specialise in practicing medicine, along with helping out in the archives. He was Knighted in 370.24 ABY. Eventually transferring to the Rannon Praxuem.