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Var Dalledos

Var Dalledos
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Syrena Exan

Species: Firrerreo


Var Dalledos, born in 330 ABY, Was a Firrerreo, who when he was younger could much be described as stuck-up. His parents spoiled him, and it very much showed in his attitude. Var picked up music at a very young age, and found that it was one of his passions, And in his off time learned anything that he could about it. His father supported his pursuit of music, even though they had a very strained relationship.

Var was often punished by his father, on a physical level, and a mental one. Var’s beliefs were very traditional for a Firrerreo. and his mother told him that one word would often be used to hold power above someone, Firrerreo often entrusted this word with their mates, or their closest friends. and they would refrain from using it otherwise if there were strangers about. His Father used this word to hold dominance over Var, And it made him feel dejected and upset.

As Var grew, his relationship with his father became more and more strained, his ability and understanding with music grew as well. which gave him an escape, and a hobby. a way to get away from the troubles in his home, when he played music he was absolutely blissful. But his future was about to change.. His father decided that they’ve been at odds for too long, and elected to have him sent away. Despite protest from his Mother, His father claimed he would be going to A “Private School on Ossus” Var suspected that there was something more going on.. on that day his skin changed from the vibrant gold color that it was usually known to be, to a pale, silver color. He was about to embark on an entirely new journey.

A few days later, a man arrived in their home. and explained the entire situation to him. He claimed to be a Jedi from Ossus, and that he was here to take Var back to Ossus so he could learn to become a Jedi as well, Var’s eyes grew wide in that moment, But he knew that it would be better for himself to go, and so he packed his clothes, and a backpack and followed the Jedi onto a shuttle after saying goodbye to his parents. Eventually they arrived at Ossus, Var was escorted to a large structure, and brought inside. As the doors swung open and they entered, his ears were flooded with the sound of conversation, it made his ears ring, He wasn’t quite used to hearing so many voices in a room at once. He tried to take a look at whatever he could, but wasn’t able to see much.

Eventually, he was lead to a set of large doors, and was told to wait there. And so he did. He waited a good hour or two before the man left the room, with a box in hand, inside contained a Datapad, a Commlink, and a Training Lightsaber. after he inspected the contents of the box, the Man told Var that Ossus was “at capacity” and that he would need to be relocated to a planet called Rannon.