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Vantus Fayden

Vantus Fayden
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rori

Mentor(s): Soh Raun

Species: Human


Vantus Fayden was born on the outskirts of the colony Narmle on the planet Rori to loving Parents.
His father Faronire Fayden did not lay eyes on his son until his second birthday as he was off-world on a long-term contract.

Vantus’ mother Nimowae raised the boy like any typical child. The family was tightly-knit and very introverted in their ways so they learned to get by without the luxuary of company. As most children are, Vantus was sent to a small school in Narmle but he had very little in the way of close friends. He had a keen interest in Arts and Crafts lessons and took to Physical Education with the utmost enthusiasm due to his energetic nature.

Faronire often worked away from home leaving his Son and Wife alone for up to seasons at a time. With this, Vantus’ education was largely based on his mother’s beliefs and the facts he learned at school. His mother always had a distrust for the Jedi populous and thus Vantus was raised with the conviction that Jedi were the cause of War and terrorism.

This eventually led Vantus to idolise his father, both through curiosity and meliorism.
He never knew the nature of his father’s work as he would rarely speak openly about it.
Faronire would simply explain himself as Security for innocents from the bullies of the Galaxy.

The times his father were home, Vantus would always enjoy play-fighting outside together. His father would often teach him various sword techniques and unarmed self-defense as well as strange philosophies they did not teach at school. This only led Vantus to become more determined to follow in what he thought was his father’s footsteps.
Vantus was shaping a Military Career in his head.

On his fifteenth birthday, Vantus signed himself up as a future candidate to serve as a soldier within the Naboo System.

(Rori – often being hailed as uncooperative in the eyes of the Galactic Aliance had always housed a rebelious nature. The diplomats liaisoning between Rori and Naboo felt that now was the time to build. Pressure was being placed on the Galactic Aliance to release the Commonwealth planets from their Military Blockade so many Government Officials felt it was time to quietly encourage military regrowth via closelipped societies and other secretive fronts.)

When Faronire found out that his son had signed up for the Military, he was most displeased.
The two argued for days on the matter and rarely spoke civily. Vantus simply did not understand
the truth behind his father’s career so swore blindly that he would be attending Boot camp.
Then one day, as quickly as as his father had shown up, he was gone again…
A datapad was left for Vantus that very morning. It contained nothing more than a short message and
a set of co-ordinates. The message read: “Here are there co-ordinates to the training you need. I was always very proud of you.”

Faronire Fayden never returned home.

Vantus never truly accepted his father’s reported death. He allowed himself to frivolously believe Faronire was waiting for him someday. Waiting for him to complete his training so that Vantus could one day work side-by-side with him.

Some time later, Nimowae Fayden decided to sell their house and move in with a close friend. With the money she made from the house sale, she purchased Vantus’ travel tickets. Yavin IV was a long trip away and Vantus had never left the Naboo System before. He never even questioned the integrity of the co-ordinates his father left him. Vantus knew that Naboo would never openly train soldiers under its current Military arrest so the fact he was headed to the Outer Rim for training only made even more sense to him.

And so it was with passion and zest that Vantus headed to Yavin IV, unknowingly entering a world far deeper and more complex than he was expecting…