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Vania Starr

Vania Starr
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Corellia

Mentor(s): Isane Fenris

Species: Human


Living in the fields beyond Coronet city, one has to make a living right? For Vania’s father, he made his living as a mechanic, running a small time business keeping out of the ears of politics and war, living life peacefully away from most, impacting on his daughter somewhat, having to grow up isolated without friends, much less anyone other than her father. Her mother having passed away due to illness, Vania has on and off days of joy, she can smile and wave but she’s for the most part left without too much Empathy, having lost someone at a young age. Without a care for the Galaxy around her, she focused on living with her father, being home-schooled and being apprenticed to her father to take up his mechanics job in a later life.

As she grew, her skill in mechanics would gently start to pick up, becoming a regular hobby with her father, although one day, would change everything for her, working on a miniature speeder engine whilst her father slept, a figure showed up at their house, clothed in robes and ‘poor mans’ attire yet his presence felt calm, trustworthy, one could almost say noble… Approaching him, she kept a hydrospanner in her hand, As she asked him what he might be after or rather, how she could help him, he asked to speak with her, Although unsure, she obliged him at least. As they spoke, it would seem that he understood her, alone in a place, confined… Offering her a way out. To develop her skills, her thoughts go to her father a moment but he would ask her, whether his life was what she would’ve wanted, perhaps even what her father would have wanted… She considered his words, truely thinking about her life ahead, being so young why would it matter to her? but she knew deep down at her age, she didnt want to be stuck with black fingers, tinkering machines all day.

Taking him up, on his offer to leave, she would quietly pack her things, being sure to take essentials for travel. Clothing, equipment and something to tinker with if she got bored on the way… She took the time to write her father a note, leaving him with something to remember her by as she left with the man to go off on her journey to find what she wanted in life, the man having revealed himself as a Jedi to her already, she’d heard the brief stories when she were younger from her mother, intruiging her and keeping her mind safe at night, perhaps, she thought, that this, is where her life would lie, turning her head up and smiling at the Jedi beside her and thinking “Perhaps this is it…” And so she left her home planet, her mind full of hopes and dreams, towards Rannon, where a Jedi praxeum resides.