JEDI HoloNet

Van Thoon


Homeworld: Dorin

Species: Kel Dor


Van Thoon’s father was a simple trader on Dorin, and a consistent fan of Republic views and the Jedi in general. He never knew his mother, but heard that she was his families only tie to the Baron Do. Now that it was just his father and him, he was pressured daily into physical tasks and preparing himself to be able to join the Baron Do or be recruited by the Jedi Watchman in the future. His father always knew that he was destined for great things, and usually let preparation for these things get in the way of the nurture and love a normal father would provide.
Van Thoon had a intellectual gift, he was able to connect with the force at a young age, but wasn’t able to control it. He was also very smart, and able to read movements or gestures quicker than most of the Kel’Dor that were around his age.
A little more than a week after Van turned 10, he was assisting his father with his trade stand. Dorin isn’t known for its crime, considering the Kel’Dor were a strict species with their laws. But when moving a box of scrap to the back of the hut, he heard his father yelling for someone to help. Van rushed to the front and saw a thief stealing the only goods worth anything they could gather that week. Van leaped into action and tore the goods from the thief, this man fought back even against a child. Van was able to judge the simple thiefs movements and counter every melee attack, eventually able to subdue him for the authorities. Luckily for him, there was a Jedi Recruiter present, and able to witness the whole thing. The Jedi offered Van and his father to take him to the order and train him to utilize the force, and Van’s father, who was in shock and happiness at the offer, agreed without question.