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Valgam Freestar

Valgam Freestar
Adept - Adept

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): Karmarie Zar, Xayr'ka Atreus.

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Syriss


Valgam is a normal Naboo child living a small abode in the mountains, his parents are shaaks herders that occasionally fish in the numerous lakes. Although Valgam helped his parents he would usually go run in the forest and climb trees as well as play with sticks. Unfortunately, he was the only child in the region and his parents’ speeder was only used to go the nearest village to buy supplies, and those few trips Valgam used to wander around the village and in the market to buy something with the few credits that he had found in the streets. Valgam saw a grappling hook that he wanted to buy but he didn’t have enough credits he needed 10 more credits, he looked around the alleys since it was where most people lost their credits. He looked and looked again, and found a man leaning on a wall. The man asked Valgam if he wanted money, Valgam thought that it was the perfect opportunity and said “Yes!”. The thug told the child to go take the credits in people’s money, he said that the wouldn’t miss the credits. Blinded by the moneyValgam didn’t think about what he was about to do, he started to go to the market and with his child’s hands, he took 50 credits from strangers’ pockets. Unfortunately for the criminal behind the plan, Valgam had stolen from a tall hooded man who followed the kid to his partner. Valgam came back to the crook without noticing the man following him, the thug had promised to give 15 credits to Valgam but tried to take everything from the child, he took his knife out and threatened the kid when suddenly the strange man who was following Valgam waved his hand and force pushed the crook into the wall rendering him unconscious. He then told Valgam to never steal again and to give the money to homeless people. The Jedi then took Valgam back to his parents and asked if they lived in the Lake Country to which the responded yes, the Knight asked if he could come with the family to get closer to his mission, during the few days he spent with Valgam and his parents he noticed that the child could never grow up properly and that he would end up like his parents being a farmer and never getting off Naboo. He suggested to Valgam parents to take the child with him to Ranon Praxeum to teach him how to become a Jedi. The parents hesitated for some time before accepting the proposition. The next day the Knight and Valgam took a ship to the nearest spaceport and took a ship to Ranon where a new journey for Valgam awaits…