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Vale Sutherblaze

Vale Sutherblaze
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Taanab

Mentor(s): Sirius Invictus

Species: Theelin/Human


Vale Sutherblaze was born on the country side of the planet Taanab, where life is peaceful and quite frankly met with many animals. Animals that Vale grew to tame, pet or play with as her human dad was very handy as a farmer and trader of sorts. On the other hand, her Theelin mother was feeble, gentle yet had a strength about herself and her convictions, she was also very beautiful and quite passionate about art and history.

You don’t choose your family but Vale wouldn’t switch hers for anything as she had the best teachers in her parents’ figure besides having actual teachers at a humble school not far from the outskirts of the city. She also enjoyed her friends’ company as they would sometimes come over, though they weren’t the only ones to do such a thing since her father would often invite some other fellow traders or clients.

All in all, Vale’s family and herself lived a good life until one day, they decided to all go to the nearest trading outpost whether it was for exotic things for the mother or tools and pelts for the father. It was the season, nevertheless Vale ended up looking at everything and getting excited about it as children would, and that is how she would lose both her parents in the ever growing crowd of people there. She took some time to notice it, but when she did, she started looking all over, running everywhere and into a bunch of things and people, eventually losing her breath and starting to lose hope until a brown, hooded figure came to her aid.

That hooded figure presented themselves to her as their Jedi savior, an obvious joke yet not far from the truth. Vale knew she could trust them thanks to her mother’s teaching, but also because she could feel in her heart the good intent from them, so she followed in their footsteps, only to meet her mom and dad a few minutes later. As Vale jumped in her parents’ arms, her instincts told her to be very curious about that Jedi person.

The father jumped at the occasion and invited the Jedi to dinner, and after they were done browsing what they could at the trading outpost with the Jedi at their side, Vale could not help but feel their gaze on her. She was onto something, and she ended up being right when, back at the Sutherblaze home, Vale and the Jedi’s gaze met each other and they started speaking out.

“Do you know of the will of the Force?”, asked the Jedi to the child, and the child, completely ignorant to what that was even supposed to mean, simply answered “no”. That is when the mother rose up in sudden excitment and started talking to the Jedi. After a few exchanges, the father seemed conflicted, the mother though was no different from before, excited and talkative, speaking out words like “opportunity” and “destiny”. The Jedi sat still, seemingly waiting for her to stop, only to smile after she was done.

They spoke out, telling the three of them to listen carefully. The more they did, the more Vale was surprised and fascinated. A human father and a Theelin mother, one strong and the other quite weak. How was it possible that such a healthy, hyper child came out of such an union? The Theelin were known to have such a high infant mortality rate that knowledgeable people would not deem possible for them to believe they still existed in this day and age, even hybrids such as Vale. As the Jedi said, it was possible, but too far a stretch, and Vale couldn’t have been as healthy as she was. It could not be a coincidence, the Jedi explained, it could only be the will of the Force.

The father grumbled, he clearly didn’t like the idea, even if he knew deep inside his daughter was fated for more than a farm. He accepted the Jedi’s words begrudgingly. The mother though, being her love’s opposite as always, quite loved the idea. She also always doubted, she was the one conceiving the child after all, being half Theelin, she was especially scared to bring Vale into the world. But she made all the efforts she could, and perhaps this was the reward for a life’s suffering and hardships; a loving family, that was soon to be disrupted as the Jedi asked the fated question: “Do you wish to become a Jedi?”

After all those explanations, all those revelations all at once, it was hard for Vale to give an answer. She needed time to process everything, and time she was given. It was only a cycle later that the child wanted to talk to her parents and the Jedi again, Jedi that wasn’t out of comm’s range for too long. During that cycle, she came back and forth on her judgment, but she and her parents knew that, ultimately, she wouldn’t stay on Taanab forever. She had to think for herself and become something close to what she admired, a protector of unfortunate people, a crime-ending hero, but also a girl that would make her parents very proud and perhaps, if the theory about the Force’s will was true, give pay back to this cosmic energy thanks to her miraculous birth.

What the Jedi said kept ringing to her though, nothing was left to chance. And so, it is by repeating those words to the Jedi themselves, after giving her parents her good-byes, that she would leave Taanab inside a shuttle to the next spaceport where she would leave aboard the Jedi’s ship in outer space, where she would meet her next family. Vale was sad to leave her peaceful life behind, but also excited to see what was ahead, and it was with those mixed feelings that she slept soundly towards their destination: Alzoc III.