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Utho Astrocan

Utho Astrocan
Jedi Knight - Former Voice Councilor

Homeworld: Iktoch

Mentor(s): Ctathos Ederoi, Soh Raun

Species: Iktochi

Padawan(s): Aeon Xarbon, Yon Vash


Utho Astrocan was born on Iktotch. Iktotch is very mountainous and has extremely violent windstorms. His parents, Iriqui, a Smuggling boss and Ulma Astrocan raised him well, teaching him the value of good in his younger years.

Utho greatly enjoyed hiking and climbing the mountains of Iktotch, and at times would camp for several days to take in the natural beauty surrounding him. On one such trip, while Utho was ten, he suddenly felt that unless he was to quickly duck into a cave, his life would be forfeit.

Utho quickly located and entered a cave; looking behind him he saw the beginning of an explosive windstorm. With no other option, Utho fell asleep in the cave while nature unleashed its fury on the mountainside.

When Utho awoke, he was amazed to see that a large portion of the mountainside had slid away due to the windstorm. Thankful for his intuition, Utho ran as fast as he could back to his home to inform his parents that he was not harmed.

Upon arrival, Utho discovered his parents listening intently to a man cloaked in mystery and intrigue. The man left to prepare his ship while Utho’s parents explained to him that he was going to be trained as a Jedi.

Utho arrived at the Yavin Academy to begin his Initiation in the Jedi Order and learned much in his first year. It just so happened that he was called back to his home planet in order to complete the Iktotchi flight tradition.

Utho crashed a ship during his training and was forced to repair it before leaving Iktotch. With parts limited and much training remaining, it took Utho an entire year to return to the Yavin Academy.

At his return, Utho severed communications with his family in order to focus on his training as a Jedi. Utho, a Padawan Learner, Apprentice to be, has already shown himself to be a talented and valuable young Jedi.

And so, Utho came to be the apprentice of Ctathos Ederoi. Within this time he was put under strenuous training. Through physical and mental training Utho was shaped into what, his master would hope, the perfect Jedi Though nearly half-way through his training, his Master announced that he was leaving the temple and order.

This put great mental strain on the shoulders of young Utho. His Master assured him that he would continue his training under a new master, and with great reluctance Utho agreed. It was at this time that Jedi Knight Soh Raun would take young Utho under his wing.

Under Knight Raun Utho learned much, but he never outgrew or forgot his former Masters strictness, thus he trained to the point of exhaustion. He did not sleep, for his dreams troubled him of late, he merely meditated for a long while. During this time Utho’s brother, Fhilin, sent an emergency broadcast to the Jedi temple, alerting Utho of their fathers sickness and impending death.

At this time, Utho, now a strong Padawan learner, rushed to his homeworld, in order not only to be at his fathers side, but to protect his brother, next in line to their smuggling empire, against his rivals. What happened after his Fathers death on his homeworld, Utho has never revealed, and holds deep within himself.

After this affair, Utho returned to the temple to continue his studies. It had now been 10 years since his Initiation. Utho Became a Knight at the age of twenty one, very young. Though the council felt that it was time, Utho had endured much and still had not given up, for he himself utterly put giving up out of his mind.

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