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Tyren Nayrus

Tyren Nayrus

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Zeltron


Tyren Nayrus is a Zeltron with distinct  light-pink eyes Born the 273.09 on Corellia, his father, Rauhl Nayrus is a respected Droid Engeneer who has created many Battle and Social, droid series, per example the KA series who have provided KA-41 one of Tyren’s best “friends”.

The day of his Seventh aniversary Tyren was taken to one of his father’s friend who made him go through different tests that seemed weird, but at the same time kind of easy for him. Later that day, the man came to Tyren and explained him that he was in fact a Jedi Knight who had came to the Planet in search of young children who would maybe one day be able to become Jedi.

A week after the tests he went with his father to a Docking bay where a huge Transport ship was waiting to go to Coruscant, Tyren went aboard the ship and saw the Jedi Knight smyling at him and waving him over. He took his seat near an other Zeltron and a Twi’lek and they played and talked for hours until the transport arrived on Coruscant he then started his training as a Jedi Initiate.

One year after his initiation, Tyren was transfered to Ossus that unfurtunately was attacked by the Mandalorian few Cycles after, he then returned to Coruscant with Kah who had been with him since he’d left home, until the High Council decided to Send him to the newlly built Enclave located on Alzoc III.