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Tyr Sidorov

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Zelos II

Mentor(s): Rex Janis

Species: Zelosian

Padawan(s): Akina Salim


Tyr Sidorov was born on 317.12 ABY on Zelos II. The second son of parents of middling backgrounds, Tyr grew up among five siblings but was sent away for training by the Jedi Order after exhibiting clearly unusual abilities from an early age. While not many Zelosians became Jedi, the signs of Force sensitivity were well known in most established communities by this time, and the Zelosians generally recognized that they were not themselves suited for fostering these children.

After spending a short time as an Initiate, Tyr was apprenticed at age ten to a young Jedi Knight who had been recently promoted by the Ossus Council. While Tyr took fondly to his new master during that first year as a Padawan, the Knight was often remiss in her duties and did not provide steady discipline in his training. Within a short time, she was revealed to have developed an addiction to dangerous stimulants and Tyr was released from her training.

The following years were extremely difficult for Tyr, who did not fully understand the ramifications of his former Master’s situation, and was now among a lonely crowd of Jedi who sought further training towards Knighthood. Students in this position could sometimes find a Master willing to guide them, but usually only those who had demonstrated exceptional talent or intelligence in their previous apprenticeship; Tyr was not dull or untalented by any means, otherwise he would not have been sent for Jedi training, but he had yet to have a chance to prove himself. The other Knights, generally aware of what had transpired, were reluctant to attempt to resume Tyr’s apprenticeship, instead preferring to choose younger and perhaps less affected apprentices of their own.

Nevertheless, this anxious time lasted for what seemed to be an eternity for the boy, and may have ended in his dismissal if not for the promotion of a certain Knight to the rank of Master. The Jedi Knight Rex Janis was finally recognized by the Council as a Jedi Master on 330.03 ABY. While Janis already had one apprentice, a Miraluka boy named Nolan who was significantly advanced in his training, Janis was now eligible to take on a second apprentice. Janis was the sort of Jedi who was aptly suited to mentor students and therefore was encouraged by the Council to seek a second apprentice. While Janis was initially reluctant, especially with one Padawan Learner already under his wing, he concurred to keep an eye out for a suitable apprentice.

Tyr kept to himself most of the time – most of his former companions were occupied full time with their training and had grown apart from him. On one particular day, Tyr was sitting alone tinkering with some old parts that he had found around the Temple. He was not really trying to build anything in particular, and was more trying to keep himself amused on a boring day without lessons due to the cancellation of History class.

Janis was on a meditative walk through the gardens when he sensed a ripple through the Force, very slight, yet enough to break him from his thoughts. It was immediate to him where the wave had eminated from – it did not seem to be disguised in any way – it was potent, yet uncontrolled; chaotic yet fundamentally peaceful. He deviated from his normal path and ventured deeper into the gardens, curious to discover the source of the disturbance. He was astonished to happen upon a young boy with wavy brown hair and emerald eyes in a meditative stance with mechanical parts scattered all around him – some strewn across the ground, others floating in the air. Some of the bits of metal and bolts had been arranged like figures, and by all accounts, the grassy knoll appeared like a sort of battlefield, as if the boy had been playing soldiers, or still was, but his eyes were shut. He seemed to be murmuring to himself.

Janis watched in bewilderment as the little metallic figures, some bolted together, others only vaguely held together, slammed into each other and fell to the ground. The pieces moved about in the most unnatural way – it was clear that there was no fine control to the motion, no plan at all. It was a sort of spontaneous and unfocused use of the Force – the sort that would be impossible for an untrained Jedi actively trying to produce the effect. If he had not been so surprised, he might have rebuked the boy for playing such idle games.

Indeed, Janis opened his mouth to interfere, but in one moment, closed his mouth and changed his mind. He turned on his heel and walked away, leaving the boy to his games. He did not know at the time who the boy was, but he soon found out, and upon reading his file, understood at once that this boy should be his next apprentice. The conventional method for choosing an apprentice was to meet the young Initiates at classes, check on their grades at lessons, or observe their performance in duels or other practical physical exercises. Yet Janis felt just as sure from his brief observation that the boy could be powerful and could be forged into a capable Jedi. It was astonishing to him that no one seemed to have considered him for further training after he had lost his Master.

Tyr was apprenticed to Janis by the end of 330 ABY shortly before his thirteenth birthday. The following years represented a drastic turn around in Tyr’s fortunes. He once again felt at home on Ossus and began to regain his confidence as a Padawan Learner. While he would always be a year or two behind the other members of his Padawan Clan, he learned with time to focus on his own progress rather than his insecurities and fears. Janis was in every way the opposite of his first Master – she had been young, inexperienced, and ultimately incapable. Janis, on the other hand, while sometime severe, was always able to help him focus and develop needed discipline. Meanwhile, Janis’ other apprentice, Nolan, matured greatly into a second role model for Tyr and an excellent dueling instructor. While Janis was more of a balanced Jedi in his expertise, Nolan had become somewhat of an expert at the Lightsaber Arts and was often able to help sharpen Tyr’s skills in the arena.

It was not long before Nolan was promoted to Jedi Knight in 335 ABY, and some years later in 342 ABY, Tyr also had his turn, recognized by Janis and the rest of the Council as a fully-fledged Jedi Knight. Not yet feeling ready to take his own apprentice, Tyr considered his options. Having made a connection with a Jedi Master on Ilum when travelling for his lightsaber crystal during the closing days of his apprenticeship, Tyr accepted a position at the Ilum Temple as an assistant instructor in crafting and engineering. While the instructorship position was supposed to last for just two years, the Master he had been studying under was killed in the field while on a mission. Feeling a personal obligation towards helping abandoned Padawans, he insisted upon taking the apprentice of the fallen Master as his own. Thus was how the Togruta girl named Akina Salim became his first apprentice, despite being only a few years his junior. Tyr stayed a total of five years on Ilum completing this task and serving as a local instructor in several capacities.

Shortly after returning to the Ossus temple, Tyr received a notice that he was being transferred to one of the newer locations, the Rannon Praxeum, where Knights were in shorter supply than on Ossus. As a Jedi who was no stranger to unfamiliar and ever-changing situations, Tyr accepted this new assignment with a level head and clear mind, embracing a new destiny far away from his familiar home.