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Tweek Etimau

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rodia

Mentor(s): Delmi N'Jork

Species: Rodian


Born to Tsu and Nimb Etimau, two planetary weapons merchants, on the planet Rodia. They had 2 other children, A son and a daughter. Tweek however was unique and showed to have unique abilities. His parents quickly recognized these to be similar abilities of the Jedi. Unfortunate they had no idea how to contact the Jedi and didn’t know any one who did. Several years past and Tweek’s abilities seemed to have faded. Until he was attacked by a Karstag. His parents arrived only to see Tweek turn around and thrust his hand outward, and the creature being launched into a tree. The tree splintered so finely that it seemingly disintegrated. Tweek was 7 at the time and the encounter had him unconscious for roughly 2 days. When he awoke the last memory was being chased. From that moment his parents vowed to get Tweek to at least meet a Jedi. Three years latter his parents acquire a business partner who has a fleet of galactic freighters. He also agrees to personally take Tweek to Shedu Maad.

While at Shedu Maad, Tweek found out quickly that there was a large chance that he and any one else are highly unlikely to actually get accepted. Tweek was especial skeptical. He never has exhibited any special abilities. He may have been able to if some one was being genuine or not. But there was that one time he thought he saw that a box was going to fall and managed to get out of the way, only to realize it had actually fallen moments latter. After he answered a lot of questions. They relocated him to The Enclave of Alzoc III