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Trin Oniron

Trin Oniron
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Nagi

Mentor(s): Rehkea'sitra, Isane Fenris, Jerex Sol

Species: Nagai

Padawan(s): Kir Darnic


Trin had until now a fairly hectic life. Born on Nagai, this tall and thin child spent most of her childhood training to enter the Nagai’s Army. At the age of 10, the ship that was supposed to take her to more peaceful spaces was attacked on the way by a small raider flotilla. It was during this bloody encounter that her parents lost their lives by restraining the enemy’s advance and attempting to allow the damaged transport vessel and its occupants to flee.
Their sacrifice was unfortunately vain because the fugitives were captured and sold as slaves.

Her frail appearance and graceful face enabled her to appear harmless to her captors. She was intended to be the new maid for a rich criminal but she manage to flee before being sold. Helped by her slight build, she slipped into a shuttle, and became a refugee thrown into the middle of the galaxy. A single child, without relations or possessions, was unlikely to survive in that corner of the galaxy. But she had the Strength and her sharp mind. Stuffing multiple coats and wool to look bigger and stronger, she managed to live a semblance of life among a small group of refugees for two years in the Radra system.

It was the time that her parents killers took to find her. A pray and money that they weren’t ready to let go. Trin could count on her only friends : the refugees. They covered her escape and send her to join the nearest Jedi outpost for safety.

She finally landed on Radra IV and presented herself to the Jedi’s training outpost. At this times she wasn’t aware of the Jedi’s rules and traditions. Trin tried to convince the Jedis, with her bad basic speaking and Nagai’s accent, that she was older than she looked and here to join their forces. She thought the Jedis was some sort of military group and tried to be enrolled without knowing any of their rules, only that they could’ve protected her. It didn’t took long for them to see through her lies but they felt some potential in her, even if the final word would’ve been taken by someone else.