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Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek


Tra’ven was born on the planet Ryloth in 316.21 to two moderately wealthy Twi’lek commoners. The Twi’lek’s father was the owner of a small, but profitable droid manufacturing company, named Traxis Enterprises, whose purpose was to support larger companies by selling the small, intricate parts necessary in building droids. His mother as an assistant to a local delegate in the Rylothian government.

For the first several years of his life, Tra’ven lived rather normally, attending to his studies at various academies in the city of Lessu. There, he received a fundamental education and was able to hail at the top of his academies. He was known as an incredibly brilliant individual. Tra’ven rarely involved himself in his father’s business or his mother’s politics. He preferred to focus on his studies in order to excel to his full potential. Often, Tra’ven would spend most of his days after his lessons, even as a young child, focusing on his work.

Tra’ven was too young to conduct formal business within his father’s shop, but he often observed his father and was able to pick up a few skills by doing so. As such, the young twi’lek became very adept at working with technology and began developing a “business” sense from his father. Curiously, his father often mentioned how persuasive his son could be. Patrons often agreed to nearly impossible business deals when Tra’ven was around. Later, he would find that his “natural talent” was due to his Force sensitivity. Due to the nature of his parent’s careers, Tra’ven often travelled around the galaxy on various occasions with his father. It was on Alzoc III where the Twi’lek’s future took a different course.

Tra’ven’s father had been contacted by Arxis Industries, a local droid manufacturer stationed in the capital of Alzoc III. Traxis Enterprises was to begin selling their speciality parts at a reduced rate. In return, Arxis Industries would provide them with courier and labor droids that would indubitably profit the company in the long run. Tra’ven had travelled along due to the fact his mother was away from their home on New Alderaan. His father concluded the business with a positive result. The two were returning to their lodgings when they were approached by a rather large human who introduced himself as Jedi Master Rash Loist.

Tra’ven’s father and Master Loist discussed something in private while the young Twi’lek returned to his lodgings. Several minutes later, his father returned and explained that Tra’ven would be travelling to the Jedi Academy with Master Loist. Confused, yet understanding, Tra’ven reluctantly departed the capital with a final goodbye to his father. On their journey, the young Twi’lek asked Master Loist why they were travelling to the academy, and the master explained that the Twi’lek may be trained as a Jedi and that he would be staying with them for while. Unsure of how to feel, Tra’ven simply remained silent and waited for their arrival at the Jedi Enclave on Alzoc III.