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Torrak Ulsi’vey

Torrak Ulsi’vey
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Bothawui

Mentor(s): Raulos Aquilo

Species: Bothan


Torrak is a young jedi who is constantly misconceived as a very easy to influence person. The truth of the matter is that Torrak has a very strong sense of personal pride for himself, his race, and his capacity in the Force. Torrak strongly adheres to principal, and is generally obedient and quick to understand situations. His tendancy to handle matters slowly is a beneficial trait that eases situations and lends greatly to Torrakā€™s ability to affect the minds of others.

Through training, Torrak has grown to develop both a sharp blade and mind, and his contributions to the Order should never be underestimated.


Torrak Ulsi’Vey was born on Bothawui of a family of four; a Father, a Mother, and a brother. Most of his time on Bothawui, he was tought by hid father in politics and how to be a leader of Vey Family Clan. Though Torrak found politics quite insuficient and annoyingly a major part of the Bothan culture. Bothans were to put there own planets political needs, and satisfactions, before Galatic politics

Torrak’s Father was the leader of their clan and was on The Bothan Goverment Council. Many Bothan leaders would agree with the Vey’s leader, though not always in the way that he managed it or applied his decisions. A good person in overall, yet, at times, perhaps too blunt for his own good. As for Torrak’s mother, she took care of her sons most of the time. She loved to cook for the family and the clan. She was always worried about her children because they would get into trouble once in a while. The youngest, Donko, was Torrak’s bestfriend throughout their respective childhood; they did everything together, to the extent that most of their friends called them the Bothan Duo as they always worked together and help eachother.

Life was good on Bothawui for young Torrak; The Vey clan was one of the most reknown on the planet with their own politics and debating on what is best for the planet. Young Ulsi’Vey had got into Military training for Bothan children. Though training was tough for young Torrak, it is what he wanted utter most – so he thought.

He wanted to be able to protect and serve for Justice. But one day everything didnt go so well for Torrak during training. By a hot day, he had over worked himself and began to feel weak, but kept pushing himself to the limits, attempting to finish the training. At about 3 quarters of the way, he started having a loud ringing in his ears. Everything began to looked green and he could barely stand up straight. As he kneeled out of fatigue, an Officer started yelling at him to get back up – how could he defend Bathawui if he couldn’t even finish a training session he shouted. He tried his hardest to get back up but couldn’t. Ulsi’Vey then tried saying he couldn’t but words wouldn’t come out as thought. The Officer began to curse and make fun of the situation while Torrak grew closer to death. He then passed out.

The young Bothan Cadet awoke in a hospital with a Doctor by his side.
“What happened?”
“Torrak you have experienced what we call Liquidation Failure. Your body ran out of liquids to keep your body going causing you to black out. It is a very dangerous illness that can cause death if not taken care of right away.” informed the Doctor
Sounding shocked Torrak said “Will I be alright?”
“You are going to be fine Torrak you just need rest and you should be able to leave by morning” the Doctor said.

After the Doctor was done marking down on his datapad, he had left the room, leaving room for Donko. He stood next to his bother’s bed and started crying.
“I thought I was gonna lose you Torrak” Donko whined
“It’s alright Donko I’m going to be fine” tried to reassured Torrak
“I know your going to be fine now, but I don’t want to lose my brother and bestfriend.” He exclaimed
The two boys’ Mother then entered the room.
“I don’t want you going back to that Military training facility its to dangerous and children are not well taken care of there.” she yelled
“It’s fine mom. Inplus I don’t want to worry you guys and the Clan.”
“Very Well, she said, we will see you tomorrow morning. You need some rest.” she continued, as Torrak slowly went to a peaceful sleep.

A Month later came a bad time for the Vey clan and Torrak’s father. He had applied his choices in a way that fellow Bothan civilians could not accept. Sadly misunderstood, a plot was rumored around the Vey clan’s enclaves. Then the dreaded night came: the grounds of the Vey Clan were being invaded by a mob of angry Bothan. Torrak’s father, mother, and himself were told to run while the clan’s military forces fought them off. Torraks father then noticed they had lost Donko along the way.
“Please take Torrak and run. Keep running and find away off this planet. I’m going back for Donko” yelled his Father

That was the last Torrak saw his father and Donko. Torrak’s mother took him and they managed to pay a delievery cargo driver to take them off the planet. They made many stops but could not find a planet they liked. One day they came upon a planet called Yavin. It is told to be a very beautiful planet and Torrak thought he could grow to love it. Though he did not know this planet would change his whole life, beliefs, and take on life.

He stubbled upon a temple, filled with people called Jedi Knights. He had studied the Jedi and there belief to the Force and to the Jedi Code. It is what Torrak wanted to do in life: protect the Inocent and bring Justice to the Galaxy. Torrak began making friends in the Temple and attending classes to learn to become a Jedi. Then the faithful day came. Master Keigoku, Zaki and Nhix initated young Torrak, landmarking his first steps toward his dream and faithful legacy, becoming a Jedi Knight.

Years later, Torrak has grown up a lot since he first stubbled upon The Jedi Academy. After his initation to The Jedi Order, he began learning a lot about The Force along side other Padawans such as Syphix and Wesley. Young Ulsi’Vey had awaited a Master to take him under their wing and teach him The Force and the arts of the Lightsaber. Out of all the masters Torrak wanted Master Aruladan, because Young Torrak was confident Master Aruladan would get him into shape for the Jedi Knight rank. Torrak began required classes for Padawans and did well. He had passed all the classes he had taken and was ready to be taken by any available Mentor.

Soon came a disappointed time for Torrak. Master Aruladan had died, the master he wanted so badly had passed away. Torrak began not showing himself around the Temple much. He had began to lose hope on becoming a Jedi Knight, but something pulled Torrak to return to the Jedi Temple. Something made him regain hope. When Torrak had returned he noticed many of the Padawans had Mentors and had began there training to becoming Jedi Knights.

A couple Months after returning to the Temple, Knight Raulos Aquilo has approached Young Torrak. Knight Aquilo had told Torrak he would take him as his personal Padawan and teach the young one what he knew about The Force and more about the Jedi beliefs. Torrak’s training is hard indeed, but he is starting to learn more than he dreamed of learning. He has begun having much more success in control of The Force than he had when first arriving to The Temple.

Something very unexpected had hurt The Order. Padawan Cookanaka had caught a disease which ended his life after Knight Alkorda’s huge attempt to save him. It seems Cookanaka suffered of Creek Fever from the Jungle of Yavin 4. Sadly there is no cure for Creek Fever and it had taken Cookanaka’s life. Torrak will miss Cookanaka dearly and considers Cookanaka a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order. Not to long later Padawan Dymon Quitus and Run k’Olstren had began to walk towards the Dark Side and met there end by engaging Master Keigoku and Torrak’s Master, Knight Aquilo in a saber duel. Torrak has indeed lost many friends in his time attending The Jedi Academy, but this will not stop him and Torrak will continue moving on with his training knowing his friends are safe.

After years of training under Master Aquilo, Torrak has grown a lot both mentally and physically. Master Aquilo soon took second Padawan by the name Rash Loist. Torrak tries to help Young Rash by teaching him what he has learned. Torrak thinks this will help him get ready for when he has his very own student.

Now coming to the age of 18 Torrak is almost an adult and is gonna continue to age and gain more knowledge as he grows. Torrak will continue to walk his path of the Jedi and fulfill his dream in becoming a Jedi Knight.

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