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Tomoran Serevarno

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Adumar

Mentor(s): Phora Bahti

Species: Firrerreo

Padawan(s): Garik Kelzim, Jenny Wrix


The truth of Tomoran’s abilities is difficult to ascertain as he purposefully obfuscates others observations of his capacity. He trains feverishly and studies every waking hour that isn’t otherwise occupied, leaving him far advanced for one of his age but his struggle to prove to himself that he is worthy of his title as Knight means that he is constantly devaluing himself, his experience and his knowledge. His passion is Sense and Empathy, capable of feeling, transposing and suppressing emotions or searching through memories of others. Despite his almost fanatically peaceful nature, Tomoran can harvest the Force to conjure wildly powerful displays of Force Lightning, a troubling power to most and to some a capacity worthy of respect. He also dabbles in various Alter techniques including illusions, invoking nausea, sleep or full body paralysis.


Tomoran has always been an emotional individual. As a student, he was known for his nocturnal sleep schedule and rejection of Lightsaber Arts after a hostile incident with another student. This developed into a shift of his focus, making him memorable for all but that day unless they heard the whispers of his potential expulsion for an alleged mind control issue.

In more recent times, Tomoran is held with ambiguous opinion mostly because he seems to base his actions and reactions off of his surroundings. The most that many ever know about him is his dangerous capacity to wield the Force offensively and his seeming devotion to emotion-infused Jedi life, a concept that casts a shadow over what others might note is his endless loyalty to the Order.


Born to a lower-class couple in the industrial sections of a core world, Tomoran might have been subject to a fairly average childhood had he not been extracted by the Jedi Order at a very young age. At the age of two, during a medical examination, his strong aversion to light prompted bloodwork that highlighted his force sensitivity and secured his “export” in the light of a growing anti-force sentiment through the galaxy.

The relocation to Coruscant happened without any better understanding of where he had ever come from – and so growing into a young child he did not question his situation or his surroundings. He accepted any older Jedi as a “parent” and lived under close supervision within the dormitories as he spent years battling headaches from his sensitivity to light and gaining an elementary sense of his position and possible future.

At first, he was fairly reclusive and soft-spoken. He was seen as timid by classmates, and hardly ever raised his hand. What instructors noted was that despite his lackluster participation he was consistently showing an understanding of the material before him. This, however, conflicted with what many saw in him as a habit of being lazy. He spent hours sitting in the gardens and spent many hours during the day sleeping, hiding himself from the bright city lights that burned the back of his eyes. He saw things and asked questions that might indicate he had an extrasensory perception of sight. It was futile to question what extent this ability would help as in his attempts to explain it to others it was inconceivable, much as the color “blue” would be to a blind man.

He was energetic at night. He spent many twilight hours in the gardens, listening to the water flow or bothering the groundskeepers to let him tend to plants or grow his own. After a few incidents, an older student, Phora Bahti, shared her plot with the young boy in an attempt to avoid further conflict. In the weeks following, his migraines became much less severe and he began to regularly see daylight.

Around this age, students were beginning introductory lessons with lightsabers – theory and practice. Tomoran did these exercises very bluntly and never carried a lightsaber on his person. He almost seemed defiant in having to learn the very material and, though bereft of any outward emotion, seemed uneasy when placed in conflict. In an effort to help him resolve his own inadequacies, he was placed in the Junior Diplomacy Corps to train in conflict resolution and gain an understanding of stress so that he might master it at a young age.

Around the age of eight, he was elevated to the status of Padawan Learner and taken by a long-time friend Phora Bahti who passed Knight Trials at the age of 19. She took Tomoran on as a padawan and insisted it was “her pleasure” to do so. Tomoran took this responsibility very seriously, and dutifully carried out orders from his master until he felt confident – something that didn’t cross him much. He had spent his entire life without a tangible mother or father figure, and he sought to not squander the opportunity to have someone to learn from directly.

Jedi Knight Phora Bahti was registered in the Research Corps at the Coruscant Temple and Academy, and she spent much of her time digesting and interpreting very old records that assisted her in the study of regulating metabolism and the link of force users to various forms of Nutrition. She set out to teach Tomoran how to meditate since he seemed to be doing something similar to it and the two would spend evenings in the garden frozen like statues as she spoke soft, tantric messages to attempt to unlock Tomoran’s shaky mind from its bindings.

On a trip to Ossus to obtain a refined crystal for Tomoran’s lightsaber, the two took a recreational cruise over the lush forests where Tomoran told Bahti that he had no intention of using a lightsaber and that the trip would be a waste of time. Incensed, Bahti told Tomoran that it wouldn’t matter if he ever so much as activated the blade or not, and that she could have gotten a crystal anywhere in the Galaxy. She then told him that she chose the place for Tomoran, not because of him. “You are different in nature than you are at a Datapad,” she said to him. Tomoran was speechless, thinking for the rest of the lazy flight the meaning of such things.

As they returned to Coruscant, the basics of meditation became clear to Tomoran, and by the age of 13, he had rid himself of his migraines permanently, it seemed. At sometime in this cycle, he began to notice a very distinct difference in the world he saw around him. He one day awoke to an epiphany, and as he collected himself he suddenly felt the rush of the world nearby – sensing people rooms away as they spoke softly to one another and the sound of a thousand soft-booted footsteps planting on the halls within the compound. As he rushed to his master to attempt to unravel the complication, she brought the matter before the council.

A short meeting with an elder Master later, the world seemed to once again remain grounded though it seemed to swell with the flow of the Force, at times he felt as if he could see into the future or past, though he kept these notions to himself. Despite his unwillingness to share what he thought was a growing ability to access some part of his force sensitivity that gave him prophetic sight, Master Bahti became cognizant of his situation and immediately removed him from the Diplomatic Corps and had him placed into the Research Corps.

During this time, Tomoran was tasked with reading the works of an old blind Master who spoke of “auras” that existed within beings, auras that transcended the physical space that people could “see” or understand. He studied his whole life the implication of these “auras” before dying peacefully of old age. His allocated works were set before this teenager, curious as to the relevance, as his young Master looked over his progress with much growing interest.

In the meantime, Tomoran continued to adapt to a more cultivated lifestyle and preferred the company of the gardens over the hustle and bustle of the main halls and lounges. He studied when he needed to and almost put out of mind the other tasks set before him by Instructors. Now and then, Instructors would be insulted by his apparent lack of interest until they spoke to him to find that he was not short of any enthusiasm though he poorly expressed it as he never shook his very meek demeanor.

As the political climate of the Galaxy grew to a feverish pitch, Bahti and Tomoran escaped to Ossus where they spent their time in a remote residence, studying their respective materials far from the prying eyes of any fellow students or instructors. In this isolated atmosphere, Tomoran seemed to flourish and he grew very attached to Master Bahti, holding a daily meditation before they would adjourn to their duties, barely speaking.

After a late night of working, in the darkness of the thick forests on Ossus, he awoke to an abrupt nightmare that drew him outside. As he focused, he began to understand something that had been kept from him – that his Master was dying. He immediately knew it to be so though he could not understand why and in fact wished that he didn’t know. The next morning, he confronted Master Bahti who looked incredulous, perhaps she hadn’t even known. She told Tomoran that he had completed his training and that she had put him up for review with the council.

Within a cycle, Tomoran was standing before the council, shrunken in stature as his mind raced, wondering if his sure inclination was just that or some mad dream. It was revealed to him that he had ascended to the rank of Knight. He pressed on the status of his previous Master and was told that if anything were to happen that he would likely know before they did.

Unaware of his strong force bond to his Master, he in fact did know the moment she passed – and later he came to realize that her disease plagued her during their entire stay on Ossus. It was in this moment that he felt he had failed to understand quick enough. If only he had pushed himself to understand his visions sooner, he thought. And so he began to research with a new resolve, hoping to avoid any further losses.

Despite his somewhat frantic nature, he was almost always isolated even as he passed through the Archives and Temple. Feeling that the familiar scenery might be blocking him or keeping him in a certain frame of mind that he had since childhood, the council sought to put his extrasensory abilities and proficiency to use elsewhere in the galaxy, as strife had brought much uncertainty to the order, far and wide. It was in this meeting that the decision was made to transfer him.

It was only from the deepness of space that Tomoran was informed of the status of the Yavin IV academy and their scattered position was relayed to him by the High Council of the wandering order. With his destination set, he touched down in Kamino where he spent less than a year getting to know the fellow residents of the order, acclimating himself before an unscheduled visit from Kamino government officials handed out an effective eviction notice that would send the entire order packing within a few hours. Acting as a negotiator on behalf of the order, Tomoran felt in a strange position due to his relatively new status and the fate of the order that day haunted him as the large transport ship made its way through space.

280 was a year of relative leisure. The Alzoc III Encampment was a quiet and cozy place nestled in the valley and there were few instances of trouble save for a strong storm once in a while. Much of the order spent its time resting in warmth and keeping quiet study but several members would make their regular trips around the camp, using what facilities they could to teach their students and inspire the rest of the aspirants. Tomoran spent the first half of the year devoting himself to helping assorted masterless students with their studies and in personal matters.

About halfway through the year, Tomoran took on his first padawan learner, Garik Kelzim. The two were about to enter an unfamiliar realm so they approached it with a sort of caution at first but by the end of that month it was a plethora of training exercises daily. The two trained in the morning before most had a chance to slide out of bed and Tomoran helped Garik embrace his passion for Telekinesis, making it a main focus in their discussions and exercises.

Towards the end of the year, it became apparent that the Enclave was nearing completion and that the order would be able to move in for a hopefully permanent residence. Once more, things were packed and heads were counted but it spirits were high as the group of jedi trekked through the mountains towards their destination. Upon arrival, it was discovered that the facility was more operational than had been originally described and Tomoran looked forward to getting a good pace of training for himself and his new student.

After the relocation to the Enclave on Alzoc 3, Tomoran found himself yearning to return to the roots of his research and spent much of the first half of the following year studying the finer points of jedi ethics as well as practicing daily his advanced melding and telepathic abilities that he had carried with him from his earlier training. The constant looming war dimmed some of his more social activities as he avoided discussing current affairs with most but he instead found himself training almost nonstop around the clock.

Towards the middle of the year, his apprentice Garik Kelzim took a trip to Coruscant to tour the facilities there after many long-winded stories of the temple from Tomoran gave him the urge to see what they were like himself. In Garik’s absence, Tomoran was appointed the head of one of the new re-structured Padawan Clans and he took the responsibility with great honor, feeling it would help him establish his place as a teacher amidst the Order.

Amidst his lesson-writing for the new clan, he was also given the opportunity to substitute for a few core classes as the year progressed, further granting him experience as an instructor, the kind of path he sought somewhere along the road but he could not yet construe a class to teach that he felt would be worthwhile.

As the year began to wind down, a few fresh faces returned from the front and Tomoran spent much more of his time socializing again, gaining friendly faces to keep him afloat from his otherwise ceaseless practice and refining. Though his view on the war was not always popular, he felt he had many great friends who gave effort to the galactic cause and life remained peaceful for him even if peace was a mere dream to many.

Through the next upcoming years, Tomoran was overcome by an urge to return to a more traditional style of living and unpacked his old robes. At around this time, he was given the opportunity to take over teaching one of the core classes and accepted the responsibility, leveraging the writing between his class and padawan clans with some time to assess students independently.

Over time, he came to take a personal interest of the student named Jenny Wrix who, early in the year of 284, he apprenticed and started training rigorously; taking what he had learned of his previous mentor experience and hoping it might apply. As Jenny grew more and more into an able student, Tomoran decided he might pick up some field work and commit his own skills to the betterment of the Order.

For a short while, Jenny took a break in her training. During this time, Tomoran kept himself busy with duties for his Padawan Clan and Core class, attempting to further the many students he was responsible for as well as distract himself from the cumbersome thoughts of another student perhaps leaving training while under him. His anxiety was alleviated when Jenny returned to training approximately a year later.

Reunited, the two took to several expeditions outside of the Temple, travelling both into the mountains of Alzoc III and to the nearby world of Kal’Shebbol to act as security in duty of the Order. Through their journeys, Tomoran gained a greater understanding of himself, seeming to mature slightly as a result of the trips. In addition, he observed the growing talents of his padawan, Jenny Wrix, whom he knew would require more and more complex tasks and duties to get a full understanding of her great potential.

Towards the end of 287, Tomoran Serevarno was asked with his fellow Knight Sai Akiada to join the Local Council of Alzoc III and he accepted the invitation, bewildered by the notion but honored, nonetheless.