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Tinthros Vos


Homeworld: Kiffu

Species: Kiffar


Tinthros Vos is a 9-year-old Kiffar from the planet Kiffu located on the inner rim.

His father was a Kiffar named Petian Vos and his mother was a human named Quileen Marr and an older sister name Kornay Vos. His father was a pilot with a degree in starship engineering, and his mother was studying to be a physician on the planet onderon. Petian (His father) took Quileen back to his homeworld to Deliver tinthros instead of staying on onderon to have the baby, so Petian could initiated his only son into the Vos clan. His sister took one look at him after the delivery and called him “Tinlin”, though he officialy was given the name Tinthros, his friends and family still call him Tinlin. Tinlin lived on Kiffu until he was 4, while his mother went to continue her education and carreer on onderon as a physician. So Tinlin spent 4 long years on Kiffu living with his older sister, watching his father fly away for days at a time, shipping good to other worlds, coming back, staying a few days then leaving for long periods of time again. His mother would visit every so often, for a few days at a time, then she would leave again. Tinlin often wondered if his mother and father ever found time to see eachother, because they never visited Tinlin at the same time.

One day Tinlin’s father came back on his 5th birthday and told him he found a job working in another system and that he was now old enough to travel with him. His sister however did not go with him. She was now 20 and decided to venture to nar shadda where she believed she could make a decent living as a pilot. She had learned a lot from her father, and she was a decent pilot. As the years went by tinlin traveled with his father seing the different planets and species the universe had to offer, while his father taught him what he knew about piloting, basic military combat and starship engineering; His father was an excelent Pilot and seemed very resourceful when it came to engines of all kinds. Tinlin shared the same love of piloting and engineering as his father, and quickly learned what his father had to teach him. When Tinlin was 6 he learned that he had a certain ability that allowed him to see the past expierences of inanimate objects by touching them (Psychometry). He kept this from his father, he wasn’t sure what his father would do, so he kept it to himself learning how to control it.

On his 7th birthday his father stopped at a cantina on a trip to meet a client. Tinlin had actualy forgotten about his birthday, and his father surprised him with a present. He had given him his old sparring armour from when he used to be in the military on Kiffu. It had the Vos clan insignia on it. Tinlin loved it and told his father he would never take it off. After he had given him the gift, they went inside to a cantina to eat a “Special” birthday dinner. When his father was done he told him to meet him back at the ship for the next present. When tinlin was done stuffing his face, he made his way back to the ship. He stopped and noticed a group of men outside of the ship, they were dragging his unconcious father into the ship and prepairing to take off. A blind Fury cameover Tinlin and he ran as fast as he could towards the ship, but was knocked backwards by the engines as the ship took off.

Tinlin woke to rain drops hitting his head on a street. Tinlin was overcome with sadness and anger, but he wouldn’t cry, tinlin never could cry even when he was born. his father always taught him that crying is just a waste of time, and he needed to figure out how he was going to get out of this. Tinlin was very close to his older sister Kornay and, on the ship, they would talk to eachother at least 3-4 times a week with a communicater their father had made especialy for them but it was still on the ship, so she became very worried when he didn’t answer.

Tinlin later learned that he was on nar shaddaa and did what he could to survive, he learned to pickpocket, and scavenge for food he did what he had to to survive. 1 year went by and tinlin was suddenly picked up by a cloaked figure, he tried to struggle but the figure just raised his hand and said “stop struggling” tinlin stopped for a second feeling the urge to stop, but faught the urge and then tried to get away again. He noticed the man had a lightsaber when suddenly he was struck on the back of the head knocking him out.

when he woke up he was in a bed with his sister hugging him tightly and crying. She said she had asked this jedi for his help in finding him. Tinlin never saw the jedi’s face, but for some reason the jedi’s presence filled Tinlin with a sense of reasurring and security, he knew he was safe with him. The man left with out a word, still cloaked, and disappeared after that.

Tinlins sister struggled to take care of him and work at the same time, so she took him to his mothers where he spent a year studying the jedi history and found out about this academy. He saved up his money doing odd jobs for locals, and repairing other kids speeders, and other vehicles. He told his mother about his plan to travel to the academy, and his mother was reluctant to let him go. So he waited, and planned. In the end he convinced her, guilting her into letting him go. after a lot of yelling and tears she sent him here to this academy where he promised himself he will never be helpless again, he’ll be able to act when he needs to, he wont be a little kid anymore. There he stood facing the academy remembering the jedi, how he made him feel so secure…Tinlin wanted to give others that feeling as well, the feeling of safetey.

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