JEDI HoloNet

Tiber Reman

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Iridonia

Mentor(s): Sarevok Yerach

Species: Zabrak

Padawan(s): Caerith Lhot, Bomat Vreld


Fate dictates that everyone has a role to play: some will have large spanning roles that will dictate the course of the entire Galaxy, whilst others have roles that have them hardly shift the very ground it takes to bury their body. Fate had in store the latter, a minor role, simply to grow up in poverty and be another statistic, another body. Good thing Tiber doesn’t believe in fate.

By all rights, Tiber should be dead. Every corner he turned as a child dictated that fate wanted him to die, that he should. Frequently, there were instances where he nearly did, and some where he wound up taking back a prize of his run in with fate. At least, that’s Tiber’s explanation, even though he doesn’t believe in fate, he frequently cites it for his poor luck. At least until he was inducted into the Order.

Tiber was whisked away from his birth world of Iridonia at a young age. His clan was a minor one, yet supported a larger war effort, contributing bodies, friends, family that Tiber knew, to all fight for a cause that they believed just: freedom. Alas, the cause alone was not enough to win their battles, and at a time where fresh bodies were not so readily available to fuel the fight, the freedom fighters took a heavy toll. Near extinction of the supporting clans in the effort, and those who were not were enslaved. Iridonia is a harsh world, which breeds harsh people.

All the same would’ve been the fate for Tiber, if not for the fact that a Jedi, who had been performing reconnaissance as a credit to the end of the ongoing Imperium War that raged in every corner of the Galaxy, who invoked the right of conscription on young Tiber. Though Tiber was spared from a grisly fate, the memories stayed with him through training and fueled his passion for freedom fighters in every corner of the Galaxy. Something he would pursue as he came of age.

However, until that time, he had training to undertake. His mentor, the very Jedi that conscripted him, was an unconventional one, by the name of Sarevok Yerach. Though an unconventional mentor and person by nature, his species was not, Yerach was simply a human. A fact that would, from time to time, be the origin of debate between the Padawan and Master; Tiber believed, for a long time, that Yerach didn’t understand the struggles of his people, merely because of the fact that he was not a Zabrak as he was. It was one of many lessons Yerach had to teach Tiber, was one of humanity, that regardless of species, plight in intense situations existed across the Galaxy.

Eventually Tiber came of age and was tested; he was found to be an exceptional thinker at the time, who boasted a modest a ability in the Force and saber arts, though nothing out of the ordinary for Jedi. Tiber, time and time again, requested solo assignments, frequently looking to be offworld and away from the training praxeum of Ilum. He went on assignments close and dear to his heart, ones that he felt he actually mattered with, that he felt he had an impact on people’s lives, for Tiber was more of a doer, than a talker, or leaving things up to fate. He would much rather see a person undergo justice, than leave it in the air.

That said, the Council on Ilum, as Tiber neared the age of thirty, decided it best for him to expand beyond his isolationist ways. He was beginning to lose the side of him that was a Jedi, instead taken more as a revolutionary. It was a hard transition, one that was filled with debates, but Tiber and the residential Council on Ilum agreed on a destination for Tiber to settle down as a mentor, who would still be deployed on assignment, though not nearly quite so frequently. The hopes of this is to have Tiber ground in and work on his teaching abilities, and gain experience in a new light to match his real world experience, potentially even take on a Padawan Learner.

Given one of Tiber’s long time friends, one of few that he could actually tolerate, Xayr’ka Atreus, who had made out well at the Rannon praxeum in recent years, he decided that his transfer would be to Rannon. The fact that it is one of the smaller branches assisted his decision as well, Tiber is forever paranoid, and it is of his belief that the less bodies there are around, the less run ins he will have with fate.


355.01 ABY – Tiber Reman is born.

360.16 ABY – Tiber Reman is inducted into the Jedi Order as an Initiate.

361.21 ABY – Tiber Reman is apprenticed to Sarevok Yerach.

373.13 ABY – Tiber Reman is Knighted by the Ilum Council.

380.23 ABY – Tiber Reman is reassigned to the Rannon Praxeum.

382.16 ABY – Tiber Reman apprenticed Caerith Lhot