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Tian Lazik


Homeworld: Unknown

Species: Miraluka


Tian Lazik was placed on the doorstep of a small Melida/Daan orphanage at infancy. While she was cared for by pleasant folk, it didn’t change the somber fact she was never raised as an authentic Miraluka. She felt mostly alone; no one could experience the world as she did in any sense. She often escaped the orphanage in the middle of the night in search of those like her in the city to no avail. Nevertheless, she took light comfort in knowing she wasn’t the only one of her kind. At least that’s what the caretakers told her.

Shortly after her eighth birthday, the orphanage was approached by Jedi Master, Sebastin Creed, in search of those sensitive to the Force. Bewildered yet astonished to meet another of her kind, Tian left with the Jedi Master willingly as if she were in a trance.

When it was being decided which branch the young Miraluka would be sent to, Sebastin, feeling a kinship with the young girl, pushed for Tian to ultimately be sent to the Alzoc III branch to undergo training as a Jedi.