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Tergos Zemnos

Tergos Zemnos
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Sasha Raven, Delmi N'jork

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Arukh Bakh'tor, Xel Damar


Experimenting and learning a variety of lightsaber forms, Tergos proves to be a well rounded and fierce combatant. In addition, Tergos specializes in control based force abilities. His body and mind can be pushed to the extent of breaking through walls and repelling against the strongest of mind control techniques due to his training under the renowned telepath and former mentor, Delmi N’jork. His attunement to the Force has allowed him to have very slow, yet remarkable regenerative properties in the case of injury.


Tergos is known to be a fierce, reserved, harsh, yet humble man. His dedication to the Order can only be matched by his passion to root out traces of the Dark Side in his conquest for balance.


Tergos Zemnos was born on Coruscant. For eight years Tergos resigned in the lower levels of Coruscant with his mother and brother. His estranged father became a myth in the Zemnos household. After a tragic incident that resulted in the death of his mother, Tergos and his brother Rodrin were taken in by the Jedi Order once discovered force-sensitive. After several days, Tergos was sent to the Alzoc III branch of the Jedi Order to begin his training; while Rodrin remained in the Coruscant branch.

• 286.16 ABY: Tergos Zemnos is Initiated by the Jedi Council of the Alzoc III branch.

• 292.03 ABY: Tergos Zemnos is taken as Sasha Raven’s Padawan Learner.

• 304.12 ABY: Tergos Zemnos is made a Masterless Padawan due to the transfer of Sasha Raven.

• 305.20 ABY: Tergos Zemnos is taken as Delmi N’jork’s Padawan Learner.

• 310.28 ABY: Tergos Zemnos is granted the title, rank and honor of Jedi Knight by the Jedi Council.

• 313.13 ABY: Tergos Zemnos takes on Arukh Bakh’tor as his first Padawan Learner.

• 325.23 ABY: Tergos Zemnos takes on Xel Damar as his second Padawan Learner.

• 329.08 ABY: Tergos Zemnos transfers to Coruscant Temple.

• 330.13 ABY: Tergos Zemnos returns to Alzoc III Temple.