JEDI HoloNet

Tenal Keleko

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Mirial

Mentor(s): Jeho Ventix*

Species: Mirialan


Tenal was discovered at birth to be suitable for Jedi training and as such was given up by his parents to be trained by the Order. He began his training at the Ilum branch. Proving to be a suitable student as he made his way through the basic lessons all initiates receive. He was a hard working pupil, always seeking to improve himself whilst also wanting to help his peers as often as he was able to. As his initiate days grew to a close, a young Jedi Knight, named Jeho Ventix took particular interest in the boy, opting to take Keleko on as her padawan.

The two proved to be an effective team. Tenal quickly following in his new masters footsteps as a healer developed a natural affinity towards Curato Salva. He would learn all he could from her, always trying to better himself in each lesson.

The pair would often find themselves out of the temple walls assisting those that needed their aid. Tenal would slowly over time develop the mindset and necessary skills he would need in order to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

He’s few years as a Knight have proven to be challenging, having to adapt to the new responsibilities and expectations took some getting used to. While working alongside his old master as a healer proved to be useful to begin with, Ventix feared her former padawan may be relying on her too much. He’s former master suggested that Keleko had more to learn and that he should opt for a change of scenery. Taking his masters words to heart he asked permission for a transfer to the Rannon branch.