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Tayyk Ozk’euun

Tayyk Ozk’euun
Jedi Knight - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Kalee

Mentor(s): Garik Iscandar

Species: Kaleesh

Padawan(s): Caerith Lhot


High Councilor Leo Undrul:
”Tayyk Ozk’euun, the name that brings a shiver down my spine. His unorthodox presence creates a tense atmosphere without a word spoken. The Kaleesh is brutal but honest, blunt. Some say he lacks emotion altogether. Many fear his presence, which is understandable. When others speak of this name, it is one that is disliked, but respected. What I know personally of this Kaleesh is that he has a reputation for being a talented warrior, his skills with a blade have rarely been matched and are exceptional. Not a Jedi I would like to face on the field.”


Tayyk Ozk’euun was born within the tribe of Pravis’Tak’uu, located eastern hemisphere of the planet Kalee. The sub-species that Tayyk grew up in was known for its digitigrade stance and splayed four toed, reptilian feet. Tayyk did not have much of a fruitful upbringing, it was rough and surrounded by conflict. As is expected of all young Kaleesh, he was expected to begin training at a young age and was expected to know little about the Galaxy. However, Tayyk’s future was already set in stone and he had little choice in his path. His family chose against the traditions of the Kaleesh and made a bold move, they were determined to send Tayyk to the Jedi Order for assessment, they wanted nothing but a future for their child. A future different to their past.

Tayyk had stepped his very first foot into the branch of Dantooine at the age of five and since that day has seen nothing of his family. The child was abandoned before he had even been seen by a Jedi, left at the branch with nothing but a recorded datachip in his pocket that was placed by his family. Fortunately for Tayyk he was gifted with force sensitivity, granting him a home and a future in the Jedi Order. The bewildered child took the keen interest of Jedi Master Garik Iscandar who was first to greet the young Kaleesh at the branch. The Jedi Master was the first to discover the datachip which gave him insight into Tayyk’s past and the reasons behind his parents decision. Assessment completed, Tayyk Ozk’euun was Initiated at the Dantooine branch.

A few years into his career as a Initiate, perhaps by coincidence, perhaps fate, he was ‘officially’ taken on as Jedi Master Garik Iscandar’s apprentice. It was from here that his journey had truly began.

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356 ABY – Born on the planet of Kalee.
360 ABY – Initiated by the branch of Dantooine.
363 ABY – Apprenticed to Jedi Master Garik Iscandar.
375 ABY – Knighted in the presence of the Dantooine Council.
379 ABY – Granted a seat on the Council of Dantooine.
384 ABY – Granted a seat on the High Council.
386 ABY – Transferred to the Rannon Branch.
386.17 ABY – Apprenticed Caerith Lhot.