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Tatiana Damask


Homeworld: Serenno

Species: Human


Born on the planet Serenno to Herrigan Damask and Yuria Damask, Tatiana was given to the Jedi Order by her father, believing that his lifestyle of travel and exertions was not suitable for his daughter. During her early life, her father instructed her in the use of the sword, which made her a very skilled sword duelist. Herrigan went in a trip shortly before she entered the Jedi Order and she never met her father again. His current status is unknown.

During her childhood, she always carried a cane-sword which she used to defend herself from any harm and also to chase down other children for her amusement, that children always ended up harmed of even worse.
Tatiana always showed up herself pretty elegant and with a good sense of etiquette, this was instructed by her father because he teached her that without the proper manners, she won’t get anywhere in the life.

She used to accompany Herrigan during his trips. In one of them, they ventured into a crystal cave when they found thousands of valuable crystals, in a strange formation of crystals, Tatiana found an Adegan Pontite crystal which reacted when she touched it. She was impressed by this, but she left the crystal fearing that one day can harm her.

Days later, when she and her father arrived to their home, they began practicing martial arts and his father realized that she was Force sensitive when she pushed him away by accident. Shortly after this, her father handed her to the Jedi Order, believing she would become a great Jedi one day.
Tatiana never met her mother, but Herrigan always told her that she was dead, though Tatiana never believed him.